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Dubai is simply an experience of a lifetime! From roaming in the desert to enjoying the cold weather at the indoor ski park, this city is definitely an unforgettable one.

Dubai in 2024

Dubai has become one of the top Middle Eastern tourist destinations. The city is the hub of everything one can even think of, including beautiful landscapes and crazy party scenes.

Dubai Travel Guide

Planning a trip that covers Dubai completely can be hectic. But, by choosing NextHolidays, you ensure that you don’t have to go through any trouble.

Dubai is not just any city; it is a place where dreams come true, a city filled with luxuries, crazy lifestyles, and scenes that will blow your mind. The city has everything you can think of! Are you a foodie? No? Then maybe someone is searching for some thrill! Whatever it is that you like, the City of Wonders has it! Ring, ring, answer the call from Dubai, and unlock the experience of a lifetime. 

From the ancient history that crawls from the past of Dubai to the innovations that take us to the future, the city is filled with wonders that will blow your mind. This dazzling jewel of the Middle East is by far one of the most famous tourist destinations all over the world due to everything it has in its pockets. All nature lovers, shopaholics, and peace seekers are welcome to explore a whole new land.

Dubai City Tour

Take a tour around Dubai to see famous sights and impressive buildings. Start at the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building globally, with amazing city views. Check out the wonderful Palm, featuring fancy resorts, the famous Atlantis, The Palm, and a lot more. The city is crazy huge and would require good planning to enjoy it to its fullest! But, worry not! With us as your all-time favorite Dubai Travel Guide, you don't have to do it by yourself. Let us do all the hard work, and as for you, enjoy all the fascinating things the city has to offer. With that being said, let’s start a virtual tour of Dubai, where you will discover some enchanting things to do, weekend events to attend, and luxurious staycation places to visit. 

Things to do in Dubai 

This feels unfair to list just a few things to do in Dubai this weekend when the city literally has uncountable options. But, nevertheless, out of all the fascinating places, we have narrowed down some of the adventures that are most loved by tourists and will surely catch your attention too! So, without any delay, let’s roll!

Desert Safari

Dubai is known for its desert-filled activities, especially the Desert Safari. If you are seeking some crazy thrills, this is an activity you should try without fail. Ride over the gigantic sand dunes, witness the mesmerizing sunset, and end this adventurous trip with a traditional Arabian-style feast and dance amidst the bonfire under the sky filled with stars. This activity gives you some perfect Dubai sightseeing places. So, wait for nothing; pick your desert safari outfit, and let’s roll!

Highlights: Desert Safari in Dubai also includes camel riding, allowing tourists to experience the traditional mode of transport in the desert.

Ski Dubai

The desert is surely a huge part of Dubai, but the city is a lot more than that! Escape the desert heat with an indoor ski part at the very popular Emirates Mall. Sounds unbelievable? Well, when we talk about Dubai, you should know that we are into something extraordinary! The place maintains a -1 to -2 degree Celsius temperature throughout the year. So, now you know one of the most unique things to do in Dubai.

Highlights: Ski Dubai has five different slopes, each with its own difficulties. This makes this snow park perfect for both skiers and snowboarders at all levels.

Dubai Marina Yacht Ride

The Marina Yacht ride in Dubai is like a ‘talk of the town’ thing to experience! Cruise along the amazing Dubai Marina and enjoy the well-known skyline with your family or loved ones. This adventure offers a fresh outlook on Dubai's high-end lifestyle and tall buildings.

Highlights: Dubai Marine is well-known for its stunning skyscrapers such as the Princess Tower, Cayan Tower, and the twisting Infinity Tower.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

We can ensure that this ride is going to be one of the most special and romantic things to do in Dubai! It is the perfect activity to do with your friends or better half. You'll get to float above Dubai and see the tallest building in the world from up high. Plus, you'll also get to see the beautiful desert and wildlife park, where you might even see some rare animals. Don’t spill this secret to anyone, but if you are looking for some filmy romance, you can get the best hot air balloon rides at the Palm.

Highlights: Hot air balloon rides are weather-dependent. Balloons can only be operated during calm and clear weather conditions and can be postponed if the conditions aren’t favorable.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Okay, let’s make this clear, once you are in the city, you cannot miss the Miracle Garden! This floral garden is the most beautiful place to visit in Dubai! It is known to be not only the world’s largest, but also the most beautiful flower garden you’ll ever see. This spot is home to over 150 million flowers arranged in stunning displays, making it the most Insta-worth place.

Highlights: The Miracle Garden remains open from October to April, as during this time the climate is moderate and flowers are in full bloom. 

If you are still looking for some more options, we recommend checking our blog, Things to Do in Dubai This Weekend: A Guide for the Uninitiated

Events in Dubai this weekend 

Dubai is known for its festive celebrations! One can definitely say that the city knows how to party! Just like every year, this year will also have some crazy weekend events in Dubai. To learn more about these blasting upcoming events in Dubai, don't stop reading!

Ramadan Souq

Eid-Al-Fitr in Dubai is like the talk of the town! The city is famous for its vibrant lights during Eid. Launched by Dubai’s Municipality, this event will take place at the historic Old Municipality Street in Bur Deira, where the traditional market will be filled with visitors. If you happen to be around the city before March 9, you should take the chance to join in this Ramadan celebration. You'll enjoy fantastic live entertainment during this period. 

Date: Run Until March 9, 2024
Location: Old Municipality Street in Bur Deira
Timings: Between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Atrangi Holi Fest 2024

The Hindu community is going to celebrate the festival of colors, Holi in Dubai in a most remarkable style. March 3, 2024, will bring cheerful festivities for Holi - Atrangi Holi Fest 2024. If you happen to be in Dubai during this period, celebrating Holi is a great weekend activity. The festivities will feature ten hours of non-stop fun with 10 different live artists at the Square, Dubai Sports City. Moreover, you can also enjoy the kid's and adult’s play areas, state-of-the-art sound, light & visual experience, and a lot more. Thus, this Holi, be ready to let it all out.

Date: March 3, 2024
Location: The Square, Dubai Sports City
Timings: From 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Top Staycations in Dubai 

We understand the need to get out of busy city life and spend some quality time connecting with nature. Dubai, being the city for all, has a solution for peace seekers too! Whether you wish to spend some time lying down on the white sand alongside the sea or enjoy a resort away from the city with top-notch amenities, this section has some of the best hotels in Dubai for you. Check it out!

One&Only The Palm

Not to be biased, but if someone asks which is our favorite staycation spot, we are definitely going for the One&Only at The Palm! And, why not? This place has everything one can think of! To add to the experience, the resort also provides private beachfront villas and top-notch facilities to give you a relaxing experience and an escape from busy city life.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Now, we are talking about a ‘dream come true’ kind of hotel, here! This is one of the most luxurious seven-star hotels out there. Extremely famous among tourists, this place is a perfect spot for long staycations in Dubai. Enjoy mind-blogging accommodations, superb dining, and unmatched service in this iconic sail-shaped structure. Moreover, the backdrop you get while dining is like a cherry on top.

Al Maha Resort

Experience a staycation at the traditional Bedouin-style suites, topped up with world-class amenities at this Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa. Al Maha is a perfect getaway from hectic city life. and lose yourself in the middle of the desert and enjoy the best view possible of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

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Dubai is our favorite destination because the city has something for everyone! Whether you're into adventure, culture, or luxury, something is exciting at every step. While exploring the city's landmarks, enjoying fun activities, taking part in lively events, and enjoying high-quality staycations, you'll find the magic that makes Dubai a memorable destination. The city is perfect if you're planning a quick getaway or a longer stay, Dubai's blend of tradition and modernity ensures a truly special experience. Experience the lively culture at Dubai Mall and watch the mesmerizing dancing fountains, the authentic Old Dubai at Al Fahidi Historic District, and the busy markets. Next Holidays, the best travel agency in Dubai, is ready to assist you in exploring this magical city, ensuring your journey is filled with lasting memories.


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