Desert Safari Dubai: Stylish Desert Safari Dubai Outfit Ideas for 2024

Fancy sand skiing and dune bashing? Or longing for your photos riding a quad bike amidst the desert? Lose yourself and find your soul in the Dubai Desert Safari. 

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What to Wear?

Fight Dubai’s desert climate by making loose-fitting clothes made with cotton or linen your go-to option. Carrying accessories like sunscreen, sunglasses, moisturizer, and a scarf is recommended.

Never to Forget

Never forget to carry a water bottle to avoid dehydration when in Dubai. Also, never forget to get permission before taking photographs.

What Are The Tips?

Make sure to carry a jacket for the nighttime. Listen to your instructors guiding you for the adventurous activities in Desert Safari as your safety is always the priority.

Every new year ushers in hopes of weekend escapes, and Dubai makes for the ideal vacation spot! Not only is Dubai known as a popular travel destination but its extreme desert climate also attracts many. While Dubai can appeal to almost everyone, packing the correct Dubai Desert outfit set will guarantee maximum enjoyment from this exotic excursion. 

Undoubtedly, Dubai has a beautiful landscape but Desert Safari is a never to miss experience when in Dubai. When in a desert climate, why not experience desert life? Dubai is famous for countless activities, and it sometimes becomes difficult to specifically know the whole nine yards about Desert Safari Dubai. On account of that, we bring to you a curated guide to everything you should know, ranging from Dubai Desert Safari to Dubai Desert Safari clothing. 

Dubai Desert Safari 2024

It is said that people find their spirits in the desert. Why? When you are right in the middle of a desert, every emotion of yours gets heightened and that’s how you connect to your inner self. Dubai Desert Safari has numerous activities for you to get immersed in the wildlife and cast off your soul within nature. 

Have you ever seen an online picture of people riding a four-wheeled motorcycle in a desert? That’s quad biking. Imagine yourself sitting upon a camel and viewing the glory of diverse wildlife as far as your eyes can go. What would be better than this in a desert? More activities like Dune Bashing, Sunrise and Sunset, Hot Air Balloon Trips, and BBQ Dinners await you at Dubai Desert Safari. 

Whether you are planning a Dubai Safari tour for the first time or you have been there before, the activities mentioned above are some of the never-miss activities.

What to Wear in Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari is an experience that thrills and excites everyone in Dubai. But this experience gets better when you are in the right clothes. When not in the right clothes, it can be a great turmoil for you. On account of that, it is important to be aware of clothes that increase the joy of your desert safari in Dubai. Although dressing differs from season to season in Dubai, comfortable clothing always helps you fight Dubai’s extreme climate. 

What to Wear in Desert Safari for Women

Dubai is a renowned place filled with Muslims, mostly. No matter whether you are a tourist or a local, you should always respect cultural beliefs. On account of that, clothes showing excessive cleavage and shorts that expose your bottom should be avoided. Wearing a hijab is not mandatory everywhere but you should carry it on a religious trip to respect traditional norms. On top of that, upper and bottom wear that covers your skin also helps you prevent exposure to the sun. 

Meeting the cultural sensitivity as well as the climate needs of Dubai, your outfit may include:

Light Clothing

Light clothes like maxi dresses, long-sleeved shirts, and comfortable trousers help you get through Dubai’s fluctuating temperature flawlessly.

Light Jacket or Hoodie

Dubai meets every criterion of unexpected incidents. When the temperature drops unexpectedly, a light jacket or hoodie can protect you from the chilly waves. 

Scarf, hat, and Sunglasses

Although Dubai’s sun is famous for sunbathing, the UV rays can damage your skin cells as well. It is hard to enjoy and protect yourself at the same time. Bearing that in mind, shield yourself from the sun's rays 24/7 making sunglasses, a hat, and a scarf your savior. 

A comfortable yet stylish female desert safari outfit can be a Sage Green Tank Top and a Beige Pant. To complement this outfit, you can carry a silk scarf and a sneaker as your footwear.

What to Wear in Desert Safari for Men

Desert safari in Dubai provides an unforgettable experience and dressing for the safari is a skill. Although it has always been a skill for men to dress with limited choices, the outfit for the Dubai Desert Safari must be decided keeping in mind Dubai’s extreme desert climate as well as fashion trends. Men should also be careful about covering their shoulders and knees to protect their skin from exposure to the sun. 

Cotton or linen clothing that suits both summer and winter temperatures should be your top pick when dressing for a desert safari trip. Desert safari outfits for men might consist of:

All-season Clothing

All-season clothing is a neutral garment choice that you can carry everywhere no matter the occasion. Light fabric long-sleeved tops and comfortable pants cover your skin and embrace your dressing sense throughout the year.

Sneakers and flip-flops

A footwear choice is now getting more difficult day by day considering the footwear should be stylish but comfortable. When comfort meets style that’s when you ace your outfits. Magnify your styling with comfortable sneakers and flip-flops.

Hoodie Coats

Clothing was developed to protect your body from extreme weather conditions but now it has become more of a fashion symbol. Having said that, you need something that protects you and fabricates glamour simultaneously. Hoodie coats keep you warm and give an elegant tone to your outfit.

An effective outfit could also include a checked shirt, trousers, and sneakers; this look allows you to also pair a safari hat and sunglasses! 

What to Wear on a Desert Safari During Summer

As Dubai is already famous for its hot climate, it is necessary to know what to wear on a desert safari during the summer to avoid any health risks. Fighting summer in Dubai can be hard but not impossible. The tiniest change in your choice can do the biggest wonders! 
Loose linen, rayon, and cotton clothing are your keys to surviving the extreme summer climate in Dubai.

Do not forget sunscreen and sunglasses in the summer. Things that can complement your Desert Safari outfit during the summer:

  • Flipflops
  • Swimsuit
  • Sneakers
  • Loose-fitting and light clothes
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • High SPF sunscreen
  • Mid-knee length shorts and skirts
  • Light scarf

Apart from this, you can also check out the best photography ideas at Dubai's Desert Safari: Read the photographer’s guide to learn more.

What to Wear in Desert Safari During Winter

Although the temperature is cooler during the winter in Dubai compared to the summer, wearing a single warm piece of clothing is not recommended. This might get you thinking about what to wear on desert safari during the winter. The trick is to wear layers to remove some of the layers and add some additional ones when needed. Cardigans or jackets for the upper wear and long trousers for the bottom wear can be a great layering idea. 

Do not forget to always keep a hat with earflaps with you for the chilly wind. Moisturizing cream and lip balm can protect your skin from getting dry due to the cool breeze. Things that can complement your Desert Safari outfit during the summer:

  • Light and thick jackets
  • Warm clothes
  • Light sweater
  • Pashmina shawl
  • Sneakers and closed-toe shoes/boots
  • Sunglasses
  • A hat that covers your ears
  • Moisturizing cream and lip balm

What Shoes to Wear in Desert Safari

A wrong footwear choice can ruin your entire outfit, especially in a desert. How? Walking in sand gives immense pleasure but at times, injured feet can also tag along with it. The sand is hot during the day and becomes cold during the night. On top of that, you can encounter some sharp rock pieces in it. Getting the right shoes that protect your feet from the midday sun’s heat and sweat as well as prevent your feet from getting cold on chilly nights is quite tough. Isn’t it?

The answer to what shoes to wear in Desert Safari is closed-toe shoes or desert boots made of breathable material. These types of shoes can be a great choice as they go with every outfit during every season in Desert Safari. Hugely acclaimed brands like Timberland and Merrell have won the customer’s trust in manufacturing specialized desert boots. 

Best Desert Safari in Dubai This Month

The winter season, which begins around November and lasts through April attracts tourists like nothing else. The reason behind this is that the temperatures are significantly lower and the breeze is relatively cool. Therefore, the best desert safari in Dubai during this time is the evening desert safari. But why? The winter’s cool breeze offers perfect conditions to indulge in activities like sandboarding, camel riding, dune bashing, and belly Dancing - as well as enjoy breathtaking sunset views! Not only this, but you also have a more than amazing BBQ dinner to feed your appetite. 

Being the best travel agency and your travel partner, we are prominently known for delivering the experience of the best desert safari in Dubai. As we know Valentine’s is around the corner, so why miss out on exotic places to visit with your soulmate? Read about Valentine’s Day in Dubai to explore the romantic places now.

Right Styling Gives The Right Experience

We do understand that looking good and stylish is important when on vacation. But choosing the right dress for Desert Safari is also important enough to elevate your experience. Keeping in mind the tips shared above can help you ace your Dubai Desert outfit and also survive the extreme climate. Dress best and enjoy to the fullest! Also, you can book your best desert safari experience from the best travel agency in Dubai, UAE - Next Holidays.


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