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Dubai Travel Guide & Tips 2024

The beginning of a new year calls for a splendid trip and Dubai is more than the best place for that. Plan a visit to Dubai and fill your 2024 with exceptional memories. 

Planning Tool Kit

Plan your travel most appropriately. Find out how you can make your travel time memorable.

What To Wear

As Dubai is a desert climate region, it's better to wear loose-fitting clothes to keep yourself cool. Do not forget to keep sunscreen, SPF moisturizer, sunglasses, and a scarf to protect your skin from the sun.

What are common Arabic Phrases

Arabic phrases like shukran (thank you), La (no), min fadik (please), ahlaan (hi), and ahlaan vasahlaan (welcome) can help ease your communication in Dubai.

What Are the Tips

Avoiding intense social drinking and possession of no drugs can help you not turn a trip into a prison sentence when in Dubai.

Dubai Travel Guide & Tips 2024

‘Dubai’, ‘dream’, and ‘destination’. How do these words correlate? Dubai is a destination where dreams come true. How can we say that? A survey states that Dubai is the fourth most-visited city in the world as of 2018. 

It might get you thinking this massive population is traveling just to see the Burj Khalifa, right? Although Dubai is prominently known for the Burj Khalifa it is not the only point of attraction for visitors. Dubai possesses an exquisite sea of places to visit and activities to do. It is quite human to get confused when planning a trip to Dubai. Most importantly, it is a burdensome task to narrow down a travel guide that fulfills every single desire of yours. 
Do you need to worry about anything when we are your Travel partner? Never. Being the best travel agency in Dubai, UAE we are here with a curative guide to help you plan your Dubai holiday profitably.

Tourist Guide For Dubai

Why do you need a guide when traveling in Dubai? A guide understands what you expect and caters to you with a customized experience meeting your needs. 

One of the major jobs of a travel guide is to help with transportation and accommodation. As your Dubai trip guide, it is our responsibility to tell you that this city can certainly be expensive. But, saving a few bucks in traveling and lodging while in the city can never hurt. This way your Dubai visit can become cost-effective unknowingly. 

When in Dubai How to Get Around?

As Dubai has countless places to visit, affordable options to get around the city are necessary. On account of that, listed below are economical ways to travel in the city:

  • Trams: Trams and metros are considered the same thing at times but they are completely different altogether.
  • Metro is a transport system working on pre-planned specified routes via different lines. Whereas trams let the passenger travel to a few particular places only. When visiting Palm Jumeirah and Al Sufouh via Dubai Marina, the Dubai Tram is your go-to option.
  • Metro: Dubai Metro’s Red Line and Green Line cover Dubai International Airport to UAE exchange and Etisalat to Al Qusais Creek. Ease your Dubai travel with these routes.
  • Abras: Ever traveled in a water taxi? It’s Dubai’s proud tradition. It is a reasonable but exciting ride with a half boat and raft structure. 
  • Bus: Dubai’s buses are a combination of comfort and economy. With the usability of NOL cards, you can tour the whole city for a few bucks.
  • Taxi: Dubai’s regular cabs can be a true-blue mode of transport for you.

Best Time to Visit Dubai in 2024

The winter season, from November to February, is the best time to visit Dubai. The pleasant weather is the highlight of this time in the city. Weather conditions should always be on our minds before planning a trip. The prices are lower in Dubai for tourists during the summer season but the temperature is higher. After all, we do not go on trips to stay locked inside hotel rooms. Due to the same reason, Dubai is crowded and pricey during the winter. Still, you can just plan the visit after Christmas and New Year to get some discounted rates. Additionally, the best time to travel to Dubai as per the visitor’s preferences can be:

  • January and July are for tourists who love shopping and exploring different markets
  • March, April, September, and October for people who long for scenic beaches
  • January, February, March, April, November, and December for outdoor activities and nature lovers
  • May, June, July, and August for cheaper travel
  • December, January, and February for couples or families on a holiday

Best Things to Do in Dubai 

There are seamless activities you can do in Dubai that add varied milestones to your experience. Fancy a ski? If yes, take advantage of a chance to go skiing in Dubai. 

It is never possible that a tourist destination lacks shopping destinations, right? Satisfy the shopaholic inside you by paying a visit to: 

  • The Dubai Mall
  • Mall of the Emirates
  • The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence
  • Textile and Gold Souks  

There is a saying, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’. 

So, when you are in Dubai, you should not miss any of the culture that represents Dubai attractions. Keep the below must-visit places on your list at the top:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Frame
  • Museum of the Future
  • Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
  • Miracle Garden

One of the reasons to travel is to get to know and live experiences from across the world. Well, Dubai is also a place filled with exciting activities to mention in a life journal.
Your wanderlust book will have empty pages if you do not perform these activities:

Just as importantly, cruise travel, opera performances, and sky dinners are highly inescapable turn-ups in the book.
Undoubtedly, all the things mentioned above are some of the top things to do in Dubai

Things to Do in Dubai for free

A tour can be expensive and stressful on one’s finances. So can be Dubai, being a loved odyssey. But low-cost travelers can also hop on the Dubai journey, as there are different free tourist places in Dubai. Some of them are:

  • Kite Beach: Playing with sand reawakens the hidden child in us, right? With a sheet of white sand on the ground, Kite Beach is well known for its pretty picture view. Beach walks, pleasing nature and sightseeing are free of cost here. Additional activities like kitesurfing, kayaking, beach volleyball, and beach tennis are paid for.
  • Dubai Fountain: The Dubai Fountain combines colours and synced music into a more than beautiful view. It should not be missed by anyone present in Dubai.
  • Jumeirah Public Beach: Yearning for vivid photographs? Jumeirah Public Beach is the place for you. Clear as crystal water and clean as pure white beach make it one of the best places to see in Dubai for free. 
  • Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Temple: Sikh temples are famous for their cultural traditions, holy ponds, peaceful surroundings and artistic architecture. Needless to mention, these temples are free of cost. Delicious langar food of such places is their highlight.  
  • Jameel Arts Center: A survey says that most people travel to explore new places, new art, and new people. Are you one of them? If yes, do pay a visit to Jameel Arts Center. You will find more than amazing contemporary works from artists across the world in the gallery spaces. 

Things to Do in Dubai at Night

Metropolis cities are famous for their nightlife. People often say that if you want to know a place, know its nightlife. Dubai is vibrant at night and you are full of life when in the city at that time. There are various places to visit in Dubai at night. Own your Dubai vacation the right way with:

  • Dhow Cruise Dinner - Creek: Two sides of Dubai Creek, Deira and Bur Dubai both behold one’s eyes for countless moments. On top of that, you get to live these scenes on Dubai’s traditional Dhow Cruise. Do not miss a chance to dine right in the middle of the city floating upon the sea. Experience this life-remembering dinner at the best price, starting from AED 1088.49.
  • Helicopter City Tour: Rise above the Dubai skyline with a helicopter city tour. Dubai night attractions are incomplete without seeing the shiny city from up above the sky. 
  • Glow Garden: Recyclable items can do wonders and treat our eyes with their beauty. Glow Garden is live proof of the same. Its ‘Art by day and Glow by night’ perspective will fascinate you like nothing else. You can book a show to catch this breathtaking sight starting from AED 1575.44
  • Burj Khalifa Sky View: Imagine how the city would look from the top of 163 floors i.e. Burj Khalifa. Live this imagination once and you will be awestruck.

Tips for Visiting Dubai, UAE

It is said that a small tip can elevate your investment portfolio to immeasurable heights. The same applies to your holidays as well. A few Dubai travel tips can help you save huge bucks on a trip and also make it memorable. Some of these trip-saving tips are:

  • Although debit and credits are accepted across Dubai, few currency notes will never hurt when traveling. Importantly, keep the money in the AED, United Arab Emirates Dhiram.
  • Love shopping at malls? A Friday visit to Dubai malls will get you great discounts.
  • It is widely known that water is overpriced in Dubai. A smarter move here would be consuming water from your hotels and keeping a stock when checking out as well.
  • Bored of eating restaurant food? Dubai’s Deira, Bur Dubai, and Karama will treat your mouth with flavoursome eatables at meagre costs.
  • Hotels can make a major dent in vacation finances. No worries, you can book your hotel in advance to get the best deal and we are here to help you with that.
  • Try to stock yourself with linen and cotton clothes to be on the safer side in case of extreme weather conditions.

Dubai Travel Requirements

When on a foreign land, carrying some specifically required documents is always good and necessary. Documents like these help government officials identify details like your citizenship and the purpose of the trip about you. Henceforth, do not forget to carry below Dubai travel documents:

  1. Your Passport
  2. Your Return Ticket
  3. Your Visa 

Note: Visa requirements are dependent on your passport. Before leaving for the trip, do remember to check with your local embassy regarding your Visa requirements in Dubai. For a trip of 30 days or less, the UAE Tourist Visa is all you need. For a longer trip, you can connect with the local embassy to arrange the needed Visa. 

Additionally, travel and health insurance can be a boon to your trip. Medical costs differ from country to country. When you have insurance that covers you, your luggage and any kind of emergency can be a free pass to save you a fortune. 

Dubai Travel Packages

What completes a vacation’s outstanding financial planning? Travel packages that have the best offers with top-notch service. 

Live your Dubai holiday to the fullest with one of our top-drawer Dubai travel packages Treasure of Dubai. With this package, you enjoy activities like the Sky view, Future Museum tour, Dubai Fountain view, Marine Dhow Cruise with Dinner, a Desert Safari with a Barbeque Dinner, a Full-Day Abu Dhabi City Tour, At the Top: Burj Khalifa, Dubai Frame Tour, Bird Show and many more. Starting from AED 2599 with hotel and transfer included, this 7-night and 8-day stay will be the best week of your life.

We understand your needs and deliver to you a peculiarly tailor-made Dubai tour package.

Plan a Trip to Dubai

Reading all the information about a place unquestionably helps us know about it. But when you are paying for a trip, isn’t it best to get expert advice?

Whether you are traveling to Dubai for the first time or you are a frequent visitor, a tourist wizard can ensure the most comfortable and economical trip. Next Holidays as the best travel agency in Dubai, UAE finds pleasure in planning the finest Dubai trip for you.


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