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Romantic Places for Valentine's Day in Dubai 2024

Celebrate Valentine's Day in Dubai with unforgettable experiences, from a romantic hot air balloon ride over the city to private beach dinners and sunset camel rides in the desert.

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What To Wear?

Dress in elegant attire that complements the enchanting Dubai setting, whether it's a rooftop dinner at Atmosphere or a private beach stroll at Jumeirah Beach Residence.

Valentine's Day Dubai

Rewrite your love story in Dubai with exotic experiences and create memories that last for your whole life

What To Experience?

From dreamy balloon rides to romantic dhow cruises and luxurious spa days, Dubai has got it all to make your love story unforgettable.

"At love has come along. My lonely days are over. And life is like a song." These lines by Etta James made me feel like, no matter how busy you are, no matter what you have achieved, what matters is TOGETHERNESS, till the last breath and till Dubai ;)

Hello, my lovelies! 
So on the day when the air is pink, the sky is purple and there is a fragrance all around. Yes, it's all about your Valentine. Here comes the day when you are waiting to gift something to your partner that will remain with them for their whole life. And we don’t think there is anything more special than beautiful memories. But how, you ask? Next Holidays, we answer!

An Eve to Remember - Valentine's Day in Dubai

Are you hoping to give the person in your life an unforgettable Valentine's Day celebration in Dubai this year? Forget overcrowded restaurants and predictable chocolates and create memories in Dubai's vivid hues instead.

On a private hot air balloon flight, imagine you and your partner soaring high above a glittering city, the sun setting over glittering skyscrapers. Think of yourselves holding hands as the sun paints coral reefs drifting through desert dunes on a luxurious hot air balloon, champagne flutes clinking as it turns the dunes golden-hued.

Convinced? If not, we are sure you will be. Let’s move forward to the virtual Valentine's Day special tour in Dubai.

How to Celebrate Valentine in Dubai? You asked!

Our reply will always be love! But how? Look, that totally depends on your partner’s choice. But if you are looking for ideas for Valentine’s Day celebrations in Dubai, then we are here. What about having dinner in the sky? If it comes to the sky, how about witnessing your endless relationship in the largest building in the world? You won't be able to melt everyone's hearts by just eating dinner and enjoying a beautiful view; you need to give the one you love a gift they're going to cherish forever. 

But just the largest building or having a dinner in the sky are not the only options. Dubai is full of adventures and romance during Valentine's Day in Dubai, so don’t worry; every other step of yours will fill you with lots of opportunities to win. 

If we are talking about winning it, then cute or lovely Valentine’s Day gifts will always take the lead. Let’s discuss it without delay.

Okay, Google! Let me Know the Best Valentine's Day Gifts in Dubai

Let me tell you, nothing gives your partner happiness more than a hot air balloon ride, soaring through the heights with just you and your love. Apart from these amazing views from the height, you can dine surrounded by a private aquarium 

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Are you the one who is bored of gifting your man with socks and ties every year? Then what about giving him a customized shirt or t-shirt, that just reflects your love and relationship? 

If your man is an adventurer, then the viral espace room challenge for two is to lock him in a breathtaking moment with just two of you. A personalized photo album is also the best gift for your Valentine. Most men are so much into technology, so noise-cancelling headphones with a subscription to their favorite premium music list as a Valentine’s Day present will let them melt into their own world of peace. 

A super comfy blanket with both of your initials will always remind him of you in your absence. If that’s not an option, in that case, a smartwatch with a fitness tracker is another great gift you can give your fitness enthusiast. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

You must be searching for Valentine's Day gift ideas for her on Google. Now is the right time to pamper your already pampered princess with Spa Day. Let her get lost in massages, facials and a relaxation session. Feeling cute? Then how about gifting cute bath bombs with surprise messages inside? Turn her bath into a treasure hunt. 

If your woman definitely has a sentimental soul, then you can gift her a jar of “why I love you” notes or a handwritten poem or song to make her feel special. But if your woman got a richie rich, then DIAMONDS have no competition in gifts. Make her relive all the moments that you’ve made together. You can gift her with a customized 3D love book that has your love story. 

Places to Visit in Dubai for Valentine's Day 

Dubai is the perfect place to spark your love this Valentine's Day! Let’s move to five unique experiences that will blow your mind will take you to breathtaking heights and to the heart-stopping desert.

Rooftop Dinner at Atmosphere, Burj Khalifa 

Wanna impress your sweetheart with some serious sky-scrapers? Take them up to Atmosphere - the highest restaurant on Earth! Think about the sparkling city lights and breathtaking panoramic views as you dine on gourmet dishes while sharing intimate conversations, each sipping champagne. Ooohhh so romantic! At Atmosphere, it will feel like floating on clouds of love without awkward bumps in between! This can be the best Valentine’s Day with your love, and we can help you out with the best couple deals on Burj Khalifa dinner tickets.

Private Dhow Cruise on Dubai Creek

Ditch the traffic and enjoy a moonlight cruise down historic Dubai Creek on a traditional dhow. Imagine gentle waves lapping against your boat, lanterns casting warm light, and just you and your lovebird snuggling closer under the stars, sitting hand in hand. How about talking to each other, discussing and sharing secrets under the cover of darkness or maybe reenacting that scene from Titanic (minus the sinking ship)? Let me tell you, this will be the most wonderful evening you both have spent together to date. 

Now what? Thinking about the dhow cruise ticket price? Let it be on us. 

Desert Safari with Sunset Camel Ride

This Valentine’s Day, skip cheesy romantic comedies with your bae. This desert adventure will make for real memories! A jeep ride through sand dunes is the perfect prelude to an intimate sunset camel ride with your date and an endless desert horizon. Imagine fiery skies with silence broken only by occasional camel snorts as your gazes gaze into each other's eyes. And I can’t express much! This overnight desert safari experience is sure to last much longer than an Instagram story can! Don’t forget to capture these memories in your cameras and hearts too. 

Couples' Spa Treatment at One & Only The Palm

Looking for relaxation from the chaotic real world? A spa day will do just the trick to alleviate stress. It’s more about snoozing down your stress. Have massages that feel magical; sit in steam rooms that clear away stress; and infinity pools where it feels as if you're floating effortlessly in space (ideally with someone by your side!). By the time you emerge, you will be feeling completely rejuvenated - ready to overpower life. Atlantis, The Palm Dubai, has everything to calm you up. 

Hot Air Balloon Ride over Dubai Desert 

Gone are the days when couples used to talk about going to the moon. Here comes the right time to rewrite the rules of romance. What better way to experience this than by hopping on a hot air balloon? Looking at the sky from a height and towards the sand dunes or imagining floating above dunes hand-in-hand and seeing everything spread out beneath like one giant sandcastle. It feels good, right? The hot air balloon ride in Dubai - an experience like no other—is sure to add new layers to your love story, making your romantic endeavors as high as Burj Khalifa itself!

Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner in Dubai

This Valentine's Day, spark something extraordinary instead of the ordinary! It's not just candlelit tables in Dubai that offer experiences. Imagine whispers on a moonlit beach or soaring above skyscrapers with your darling and beyond. Check it now.

Valentine's Private Beach Dinner

Ditch fine dining! Take your loved-up stroll along the Jumeirah Beach Residence instead! Watch as the sun sets into the night sky; toast your wine glasses under twinkling lights; whisper sweet nothings while the gentle sea breeze kisses your skin... It's simple, sweet, and free. This Valentine’s Day dinner in Dubai will only cost you your love.

Location: Al Mamsha St - Jumeirah Beach Residence - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Contact Number: +971-44573212

Cé La Vi - Another Level Romance

Feeling like just having dinner or some romantic time as well? Why not make this romantic Valentine’s Day dinner in Dubai extraordinary with an exotic view? Valentine's Day is the perfect time to take your romance to the next level with Cé La Vi's elevated offering. An award-winning pianist and singer will be your reward this evening. An a la carte menu of the finest dishes will be available starting at 7 p.m. Guests can take home delicious floral bouquets, have portraits painted by artists, and enjoy the love in the air. 

As you start thinking of Valentine's Day in Dubai, don't settle for just dinner and drinks; opt for one of these date ideas that'll ensure it is truly unforgettable! And always remember love as a special ingredient. 

Location:  Tower 2 - Level 54, Sky View Hotel - Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Contact Number: +971-45826111

End of the Virtual Tour! Moving on to Reality

Why choose the ordinary when your love is more than extraordinary? Dubai is just like that. Now you must be thinking about the budget while looking at your bank balance. So, let me tell you that Next Holidays has everything that suits your pocket. 

Remember, Valentine's Day is about creating memories you can laugh about later; crying happy tears over (but also falling back in love!); and laughing with loved ones again. Now go forth, lovebirds, and rewrite your love story with Dubai. Coz, it's time to accomplish it with sun, sea and maybe some glitter.


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