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Holi in Dubai 2024 - Places to Celebrate, Dates & Events

Are you looking to celebrate Holi 2024 in Dubai? Know everything and plan right to make this Holi the most colorful!

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What to Experience?

Do not miss the Atrangi Holi Fest 2024 to have a Holi experience like never before.

What to Wear?

Carry a white T-shirt paired with cargo pants and let the white T-shirt get naturally designed in the colors of Holi.

What are the Tips?

Avoid the use of artificial colors as they ruin the festive experience.

You must be aware of the significant festival of colors, Holi. Aren’t you? Yes, it is a Hindu festival but it is celebrated worldwide. From parties and events to color races and activities, you feel alive and zestful when celebrating Holi in Dubai. 

An interesting fact about Dubai is that it does everything in its style. So, is it possible that the Dubai Holi celebration won’t be unique? In Dubai, no water is used in the Holi activities and the colors used are completely organic. This is beneficial in two ways; one is it saves the environment and is therefore a responsible celebration, and the other is that the organic colors don’t leave any side effects on anyone’s skin. 

Let’s be a part of the Holi 2024 events & parties in Dubai! 

Holi Celebration in Dubai

Are you skeptical about how the Holi celebration in Dubai would be? Don’t be, because it is going to be eccentrically memorable! You will get to experience everything. Music, dance, colors, feasts, performances, games, and whatnot. When will it be celebrated in Dubai? On March 25, 2024, but you know what? It is going to be celebrated throughout the week and before the week as well. So, without further adieu, let’s start our virtual Holi party in Dubai!

Celebrate Holi in Dubai 2024

Places equipped with special arrangements make an occasion even more special. Isn’t it the reason why everyone wants to enjoy a vacation in Dubai more than anything else? Festivals like Holi are also special in Dubai with its unique arrangements and out-of-the-world vibes. Below are some such places to celebrate Holi in Dubai:

Holi Hai - Color Mela 

Colors are the soul of the festival of Holi. In Hindu culture, even those who do not celebrate Holi on a spectacular level ensure that they do a special tilak of color to incorporate the holiness of the festival into their lives. So, when you are getting a chance to be a part of the color mela filled with live music, food stalls, organic colorful celebrations, live dhol, and unforgettable memories, why should you miss that? Have a marvelous Holi party in Dubai with your loved ones at Zabeel Park.

La Mer Holi Celebrations

Our experience says that people find solace in Dubai’s beaches. One such beautiful beach in Dubai is La Mer North Beach. The Holi celebration in Dubai, organized at La Mer North Beach, is as majestic as the beach itself: music, food, colors, entertainment, and whatnot. Not to forget, the beautiful sights that we get on a beach are nowhere to be found. So, when you add the celebration of Holi to those beautiful sights, could there be something more enjoyable than that? 

Meteora Rang Barse Holi 2024 

It is no secret that the town of Dubai is home to mesmerizing sights. So, why not witness those mesmerizing sights while celebrating the Holi festival in Dubai by being a part of Meteora Rang Barse Holi 2024 at Dubai Creek Park? Something becomes uniquely unconventional when we add a modern essence to its traditions. Do you agree? Famous artists performing at Meteora Rang Barse Holi 2024 will add an eccentric touch to your Dubai Holi celebration. On top of that, food, drinks, photo booths, colors, and entertaining activities make your experience truly profound.

Mygovindas Holi Festival

Mygovindas is known for the luscious taste they deliver to their customers in their sweets, chaat, and snacks. They are here to make your Dubai Holi tasty at North Park Dubai Silicon Oasis. Are you looking to have some bites of South Indian thalis? This festival has it for you. Chaat, sweets, snacks, beverages, ice creams, and much more await your taste buds at the Mygovindas Holi Festival at North Park DSO. Of course, color blasts, live entertainment, and music will also be available to uplift your moods.

Holi Events in Dubai 

Dubai organizes incredible events during every celebration and we would describe it as a colorful town during Holi in Dubai. Having said that, the below events are a must-visit:

Holi Sundowner 2024

The new culture of sundowners is our favorite. When you mix beautiful colors with the aura of sundowners, it becomes truly incomparable. Are you looking for the best Holi party in Dubai? Don’t miss Holi Sundowner 2024! A sundowner that makes you feel alive with a blend of music, colors, food, drinks, and entertainment. 

Location: JA Shooting Club, Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE. 
March 3. For booking and reservations, please contact Tel: (0)585889553

AKS Color Carnival ‘24

Are you looking for a Holi event in Dubai that you can go to with your family? Dubai’s biggest family Holi festival, AKS Color Carnival, is here! Activities that entertain you as well as your kids, live DJs and dhol by the most talented artists, delicious food trucks, shisha, and special memories are waiting to be a part of your best Holi in Dubai. 

Location: The Sevens Stadium, Al Ain Road, E66, Dubai, UAE. 
March 2. For booking and reservations, please contact Tel: (0)527799914

Holi Masti 2024

Do you want to visit a Holi event in Dubai amidst the prepossessing desert? Be there at Holi Masti 2024! Play with organic colors, relish luscious palates, groove to artists like Manj Music and Kanika Kapoor, behold the beauty of the desert, and get bewitched by the festive vibes.

Location: Terra Solis, Dubai Heritage Vision, Exit-29 Jebel Ali, Lehbab Road, Dubai, UAE. 
March 3. For booking and reservations, please contact Tel: (0)524744459

Holi Special Food in Dubai 

Delectable food is the soul of a festival, especially Holi. Dubai is a town that offers worldwide food in its restaurants. Having said that, wouldn’t you want to savor Indian delicacies while celebrating Holi in Dubai? We know you would and we are already here with those delicacies. Make your Holi extra special by making Holi special food part of your celebration, like:


It is not possible that when someone is talking about Holi they don’t describe the sweetness of gujiya in the festival. Sugar syrup (Chaashni) is the most important part of gujiya and without it, the real essence of gujiya is nowhere to be found. Even if you are diabetic, you will get a sugar-free gujiya at the stores that will still taste sweet. So, add gujiya to your list of Holi special sweets if you want to make your celebration saccharine.


Your Holi special meal is incomplete without a malpua, the desi pancake. People often describe Holi as an Indian festival, so how would it be fair if you didn’t try Indian delicacies when celebrating an Indian festival? To add to the sugary flavor of malpua, have it with rabri, and trust us, the feeling you will experience is heavenly. 

Puran Poli

If we are discussing Holi sweets and snacks, how could we stop ourselves from bringing up Puran Poli? It is simple yet savory and if you are buying from someone who belongs to Maharashtra, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from sharing with you the history of the cuisine. 

Heartfelt Holi with Next Holidays 

At Next Holidays, we believe that a holiday is itself a celebration. So how could we miss out on being a part of your celebrations? How do we do that? By making your holidays memorable. Are you on a quest for a heartfelt Holi in Dubai or a delightful Eid in Dubai? Next Holidays is here for you to help you with all your travel needs! So, what are you waiting for? Call us and let’s plan a celebration together!


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