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8 Reasons to Visit Dubai 2024

Have you heard countless Dubai stories from your friends but you are still confused about the destination? Know everything you should know about Dubai and plan an amusing vacation now!

Planning Tool Kit

Plan your travel most appropriately. Find out how you can make your travel time memorable.

What to Experience?

Do not miss the must-experience things like the Abra Boat Ride, Desert Safari Dubai, Aquaventure Water Park, and sunset at Burj Al Arab on your Dubai trip.

Best Time to Visit

Due to Dubai’s Desert climate, your trip will be more enjoyable if you visit Dubai during the winter season starting in November and lasting up to March.

What Are the Tips?

Are you planning to rent a car in Dubai? Keep your international driver’s license handy.

Before anything, I want to ask you something. Do you believe that fictional places are too beautiful to be true? I used to believe so until I found out about Dubai. Whenever I think about Dubai, the only thought that crosses my mind is, ‘Dreams do come true!’. Why? Well, Dubai is by far the most beautiful and colorful town I have seen and heard about until now. It is my faith that the way Dubai keeps innovating itself, it will remain the best travel destination forever. Whenever you ask someone, ‘Why Dubai?’, the reply you will get is, ‘Why not?’.

Be it a celebration of Eid Al Fitr in Dubai, countless restaurants serving delectable cuisines from all over the world, Christmas and New Year celebrations in Dubai, Valentine’s Day in Dubai, or the Dubai Shopping Festival. You name the purpose, and Dubai is ready to fulfill it! Citizens from all over the world found a home in Dubai and this added to Dubai’s exquisite cultural heritage. If you have still not found your reason for visiting Dubai, we got you! 

Dubai City Tour Guide

Some travelers think that consulting a tour guide is a waste of money. But it is only your tour guide who knows your travel destination inside out. A guide is the one who ensures the finest travel experience. How? Fulfilling the wanderlust desires of tourists from different parts of the globe, they are experts in analyzing what works best for you and what costs the least for you. Being a Dubai tour guide for hundreds of such tourists, Next Holidays is renowned for serving a premium travel experience to all its travelers. 

Top Reasons to Visit Dubai

Although the major reason to plan any vacation is the wish to have some moments of peace away from worries, there are some different reasons to pick your top destination. Right? There are multiple reasons to visit Dubai and make it the top pick for your next trip. 

High-rise Buildings

It is the first and foremost reason for every visitor to travel to Dubai. The reason behind this is the higher-than-the-sky perspective the city gets from sky-touching buildings like Burj Khalifa, Princess Tower, Burj Al Arab, and Elite Residence. On top of this, when you catch a sight of the town from the top of such buildings, there is not a view in the world more mesmerizing than that. 

Desert Safari Dubai

In a desert, one finds something and the other loses something. Your outlook matters! Desert Safari Dubai offers its tourists thrills and calm at the same time. An SUV ride or a hot air balloon flight in Desert Safari Dubai can change your whole life. To get the most out of Desert Safari activities, the only thing it asks for is a correct set of Desert Safari Outfit.

Shopping Hub

What’s a holiday if it does not include unlimited shopping? Dubai is also called a global shopping hub. Thinking of a brand’s limited edition? Malls like Dubai Shopping Mall, Dubai Shopping Center, and the Mall of the Emirates are at your service. Or finding artifacts that are in a class by themselves? Drop by a gold souk, a textile souk, a spice souk, or a perfume souk. Name what you want and you will find it in Dubai.

Global Food

The food reflects the culture and Dubai’s food rightly reflects its distinctive culture. A range of Indian, Pakistani, French, British, Japanese, Arab, Persian, Filipino, Chinese, and American delicacies make your taste buds feel grateful. Kerala restaurants in Dubai serve particularly South Indian cuisines in Dubai for those who want an eccentric experience in a foreign land. One of the reasons to travel to Dubai is for its extraordinary food festivals. See, we found a reason for you to plan a holiday in Dubai. Find your delight in the tastes of Dubai!

Palm Islands

You must have heard the names of a lot of beautiful islands, like the Maldives and Lakshadweep. Mustn’t you? However, the experience at the Palm Islands (Palm Jumeirah, Deira Island, and Palm Jebel Ali) is novel yet memorable. Why? They are man-made. Witness the beautiful sea, spend some moments relaxing, and still experience joy at the Palm Islands.

Inviting Beach Points

Beaches have a serene vibe. Do you agree? When immersed in the white sands, you find answers to the biggest of your questions. Dubai is home to loads of beaches serving soulful sights. If you are craving some time at enchanting beaches, this is one of your reasons to go to Dubai. Find your calm at Mercato Beach, Jumeirah Public Beach, Ghantoot Beach, and Kite Beach in Dubai.

Heavenly Nights

One of the specialties of Dubai is that it becomes more alive than it ever can be at night. The town looks so captivating during the night that it can compel even an early-morning person to become a night person. Things to do in Dubai at night include having dinner at the Flying Cup and beholding the hypnotic fountain and laser shows.

Matchlessly Attractive Skyline

No matter where you are, the skyline you will see will always look attractive. Dubai’s skyline feels like paradise. Witness the Dubai skyline with your naked eyes for an unforgettable sight. Or capture the Dubai skyline with your phone for the most fascinating photograph ever in your gallery. Choose any of the options, but do not miss this perfect view!

Dubai Tips for Tourists

When we are tourists, we are new and a bit unaware of a foreign land. Right? Some efficient tips in such cases work, like achieving two targets with one arrow. It ensures a smooth traveling experience as well as the prevention of any trouble during the trip. Such tips for visiting Dubai are modest clothing, carrying skin products for protection from the sun, keeping important travel documents safe and handy, carrying internationally allowed payment cards, making all the bookings in advance, and respecting the local etiquette and cultural norms. 

Additionally, when in Dubai, using public transport like Abras, Metro, buses, taxis, and trams can save us money as well as be a unique experience for us. To savor some delicious food and beverages, do not forget to drop by 800 Degrees Pizzeria, Trattoria Toscana, Al Mallah, and Arabian Tea House Cafe

Dubai City Tour 2024

Dubai has become so famous that everyone is planning a vacation there. What does this mean? It means that you need a Dubai city tour guide who can ensure a hassle-free trip to the destination by understanding what you want and delivering way more than that. Who can be a better tour guide for you than Next Holidays? Wholesome reviews directly from the hearts of our happiest travelers prove that Next Holidays as a travel partner means a premium holiday experience. Whether you are looking for things to do in Hatta Dubai or want to see any other spot in Dubai, connect with us right now and plan the best trip of your life! 


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