Things to Do in Hatta Dubai 2024

Bored and frustrated with the chaos and noisy surroundings of daily life? Plan a trip to the serene landscape of Hatta Wadi, Dubai, and find your calm back!

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What Are the Tips?

As Hatta touches the border, do not forget to keep important documents like your driver’s license and passport handy.

Must Have Experience!

Caravan stays do not happen very frequently in our lives. Do not miss the experience of a luxurious caravan stay in Hatta.

What to Wear?

All-season clothes must be your top pick in Hatta. But remember to pack warm clothes as well to get you through the chilly weather during the nights of winter.

What do you think when anyone asks about Dubai? High skyscrapers, a luxurious lifestyle, and an out-of-the-world experience. Right? But Dubai is filled with beautiful spots immersed in its landscape that soothe your spirits. One such spot is Hatta, a village away from the crowds touching the Oman border. It is less known to travelers but it feeds your wanderlust soul to the fullest. On the lookout for a serene vacation? Hatta is the calmest place that indulges peace in your life. 

Being an unfamiliar location, Hatta is not on everyone’s trip log. To get it on your vacation book, this is a curated guide for you to know everything about Hatta, an untouched and unexplored destination.

Hatta Wadi Hub Dubai 2024

When with Oman, it was also known as Hajarain, but the name changed to ‘Hatta’ after being transferred to Dubai. In Arabic, ‘Wadi’ means a river valley. Hatta Wadi, corresponding to its name, adds a cooler climate to Dubai’s humidity. Amidst the Hajar mountains, Hatta Wadi Hub Dubai is an adventure that fills you with immense enjoyment. With pretty as a picture dam and mountainous region, it offers thrilling recreational activities like kayaking, mountain biking, ziplining, camping, and hiking

With its bewitching terrain and indelible experiences, Hatta Wadi Hub escapes you from daily life turmoil and gives you an unmissable opportunity to dive right into nature. 

Best Time to Visit Hatta 

Hatta is a place of outdoor activities and a visit to Hatta is incomplete without those activities. The pleasure of such activities is fullest only in pleasant weather. Having said that, the best time to visit Hatta starts in October and lasts through April. The soothing weather during this time also complements the chilly waves of the majestic Hatta Dam, which captivates you. As most people prefer to visit Hatta during this season, most of the activities in Hatta are closed during the summer season, May to September.

Things to Do in Hatta Dubai

A trip is the key to creating unforgettable memories and soul-stirring activities fuel those memories! Hatta is a hub of such activities that move your soul and give you a lively experience. Some of the exhilarating things to do in Hatta that fill you with excitement and amusement are: 


Archery is a thrilling sport that is the UAE’s top pick to take the adrenaline rush to the next level. Hatta’s scenic beauty boosts your concentration levels when you practice archery to achieve a target distance. When your shot hits the right spot, the elating satisfaction is heaven-like.

Mountain Biking

Biking itself tops the to-do list for almost all of us. Mountain biking presents a chance to bike within high-altitude mountain ranges that combine electrifying adventure and winsome mountains. Stop over around some beautiful ditches, have delicious food while camping, and kickstart your bike once again.


Zipline gives you a shot at witnessing Hatta’s rocky and edgy mountains from up above the sky. Sliding in a parachute from one end to the other, you experience delight and joy in the same moment.

Net Walk

Walk through suspended footbridges, feel like you are in the air and slowly live in the moments of being present in a beautiful place. You don’t get to experience a net walk every now and then and that’s why it must be at the top of your list of things to do in Hatta, UAE.

Places to Visit in Hatta for Free

Hatta Wadi has countless places that touch your heart like nothing else. A destination’s places reflect its cultural heritage and shed light on its enchanting charm. Philosophers say ‘doing nothing is also doing something.’ When you just sit down beside an exquisitely divine river, you look through yourself and analyze what sets you apart from the world. When you find such places for free, the moments spent at those spots become the most valuable moments of your life. Away from the hurly-burly regime, Hatta Wadi awaits you with umpteen places to have a soulful life. 

Green Hatta Rock Pools

A dive in the pool gives us the feeling of a dive in life. Witnessing the pure-as-white water of Hatta rock pools from afar hypnotizes you and when inside the pool, the water drops on your body feel like diamond pearls. To make your Hatta trip worth it, you must visit the sublime rock pools of Hatta.

Hatta Heritage Village

Hatta Heritage Village is the ideal spot to explore Hatta’s timelessly magnificent architecture and tradition. Culture and history are eternal and villages like Hatta Heritage Village are paradigms of this fact. Walking through the aisles of Hatta Heritage Village, you realize how easy it is to feel the happiest with the smallest of things. 

Hatta Dam

A few moments ago, we were talking about sitting down beside an exquisitely divine river. Hatta Dam is the most beguiling spot to do that. If you did not visit Hatta Dam, you did not visit Hatta. The banks of Hatta Dam are the perfect setting for free camping in Hatta and a memorable stay with flawless scenery during your Hatta tour. 

Hatta Hill Park

Hatta Hill Park offers a chance to get immersed in the wildlife. Have a look at the sundry flora and fauna, cook a BBQ, and spend family time in the countryside. 

Places to Stay in Hatta 

During a holiday, where we stay matters. Why? A good stay and good food combined with great hospitality lead to tremendous comfort and isn’t comfort also one of the reasons to visit a destination from all over our homes? A good place to stay not only caters to great comfort but also offers great views from the balcony and room window. 

Two of the best places to stay in Hatta are:

JA Hatta Fort Hotel

JA Hatta Fort Hotel has won its customers’ trust by providing them with the best hospitality service ever. With its deliciously mouthwatering food and entertaining activities, it offers comfort at the highest level. In addition to the breathtaking views inside and outside the hotel, you get to have a healing spa before going to bed, which revitalizes your traveler spirit and makes you want to hike on a new adventure the next day.

Hatta Guest House

It is said that no matter how comfortable it feels at a hotel, the comfort you feel at home is nowhere else to be found. Well, it is not true in the case of Hatta Guest House. In Hatta Guest House, you do not stay in your own house but it still feels home-like. With all the facilities and its home-like relief, it enriches your Hatta hotel stay. 

Top Hatta Dubai Attractions in 2024

Whenever we plan a trip, the tourist attractions are unmentioned on our list. Why? Although the undiscovered spots sound interesting, our friends and family can relate to the top attractions more. Further to this, in today’s digital age, almost every one of us has developed a habit of sharing our happy moments online. Having said that, our Hatta Trip Instagram grid will look incomplete if Hatta Dubai attractions are not in the grid. Right? 

Some of these must-visit tourist places in Hatta, UAE, are:

Hatta Honey Bee Garden

Honeybees are the source of flavorful honey and the bee colony looks appealing. Paying a visit to this beehive lets you learn about some unknown features of honeybees and also adds an element of eccentricity to your vacation.

Hatta 360 Observatory

As the name says, Hatta 360 Observatory gave 360 views of Hatta village to the military earlier, and now it allows you to have an astounding sight of the village topography. Capture a wondrous picture of this view and post it online to fill your Instagram feed with loads of comments.

Hatta Sign

You must have seen a sign showing ‘Hollywood’ when Los Angeles, California, America, is shown in some movies. Right? Well, Hatta also has a similar sign mentioning ‘Hatta’. When in Hatta, do not forget to stumble upon that sign and snap it as a memory.

Hatta Fort

Forts in any locality signify its legacy and Hatta Fort illustrates that very well. At Hatta Fort, you get to witness the old-age building designs, timeless watch towers, and colossal courtyard. It is the perfect place that you can flaunt to your friends.

Hatta Wadi Hub Ticket Price & Offers

Any trip becomes more enjoyable when we get the best offers on it. Next Holidays, as the best travel agency in Dubai, UAE, is always here to filter the best deals for you. One such package is the Hatta Wadi Ultimate Package, which covers almost every activity like archery, Hatta drop-in, plunge, net walkway, wall climbing, and twin zipline. The Hatta Wadi Hub tickets for this package start at AED 220.50

The above-mentioned deal is just an example. Your satisfaction is our top priority. You name the activity, and we deliver it to you. 

A Trip to Hatta Wadi: Your Weekend Getaway

Planning a memorable trip to Hatta Wadi is what you need to do to rejuvenate yourself. One weekend spent at Hatta fills your vacation planner with more pages than one can count. Plan this moving trip now!


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