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Dubai Shopping Festival 2023-24: Dates, Things to do & Offers

Shopping, dining, and entertainment have it all. Welcome to Dubai Shopping Festival which presents together 1500 + brands from around the world on exciting discounts! 

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What Are the Tips?

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Dubai Shopping Festival 2024

The most awaited festival across Dubai is scheduled from December 8, 2023, to January 14, 2024. The DSF is all about huge discounts and an unparalleled shopping experience for everyone.

What to Experience?

A place with more than 700 brands and 3000 plus stores and the perfect combination of big brands and beautiful local artistic items. All of this is under the same rooftop of DSF!

Dubai Shopping Festival 2023-2024

As December is at dawn, Dubai alters into heaven for shoppers all the credit goes to the 2023 Dubai Shopping Festival. December is a perfect time for planning holidays in Dubai as the mild winters and back-to-back festivals make it a larger-than-life celebration. 

Dubai Shopping Festival 2023 location includes malls, markets, and shopping complexes all decked up with festive vibes. The world’s biggest shopping festival and extravaganza DSF is all about incredible offers, discounts, and a little fun of bargains on various goods. Whatever you need, posh jewelry, apparel, and fragrances, everything and anything is present here to shop for. 

In this guide, we will share with you all the details to enhance your shopping experience. We will put light on Dubai Shopping Festival Dates for 2023 & 2024 the Best places for DSF and much more.  

What to Buy in Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival 2023 gives you an excellent chance for all the shoppers out there to have a grand shopping therapy. When you visit Dubai Shopping Festival 2023-2024 you will find uncountable options to shop all available in a discount range and special deals. Let's take a glance at all the must-buy things when you have the DSF tickets.

Gold Jewelry 

When you are in Dubai it becomes quite resist to buy Gold jewelry. If you wonder why Dubai Shopping Festival Gold offers a low price, then let me tell you, it is because of the tax rules the price of gold in the city is low. The distinctive design and reasonable costs are the reason to have Gold Jewelry from Dubai. 


Dubai is the center of lavish articles, and DSF is the right time to shop for these. Shop for luxurious fragrances as after offers they become more affordable, so have some for your near and dear ones. 

Precious and Semi-Precious Stones

The other thing that you shouldn’t be missing from purchasing is high-quality precious and semi-precious stones like diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and various semi-precious stones. If you are confused about what to buy at the Dubai Shopping Festival then the big market of Dubai will offer you exclusive designs for people who have an interest in studded jewelry. 

Where to Shop During DSF? 

Now that is the most interesting thing to know! We all know how exciting it feels to have an exotic experience of shopping abroad. Let's have an enclosure of Dubai Markets which are far more than the shopping centers. Get ready to make a checklist of all your favorite outlets and what you wish to shop for. 

The Dubai Mall

One of the largest malls in the world, the Dubai Mall has 1200 shops and 22 cinemas giving you the best and exclusive shopping experience. The mall has been divided into small groups based on products. The mall is the abode of Dubai Mall supermarket which is the main limelight of the shopping festival Dubai 2023 and you will be pleased to see many Arabic-branded products here. This place is not only about shopping but the place also serves various entertainments for the whole family WIth Dubai Aquarium and Kidzania. 

Al Seef Street

Al Seef Street is a big-box store that makes shopping entertaining throughout the festival. The colorful street markets, authentic Souk-themed shops, retail, dining, and stunning hotel deals, that’s not it, the captivating fireworks, engaging art, culture, and entertainment shows are all there along with Dubai Festival city shops. All these things make this place a crowd favorite. 

Dubai Souks & Markets

The ancient souks of Dubai are the main attractions that allure many shoppers and the craze for these souks attracts many residents plus people from all over the world. Dubai Souk markets have everything for you to shop from and these are all decorated in traditional sets which is the other reason for the attraction. The name few of these Souk are here: 

1. The Gold Souk
2. Textile Souk
3. Perfume Souk
4. Spice Souk 

Global Village 

If you are in Dubai then you must explore the night markets in Dubai and Global Village will surely not disappoint you. Global Village Dubai is a combination of everything best from around the world and what makes it more attractive are those special products from different countries all available in the same place. And of course, shopping doesn’t bore anyone but if you just wish to relax after hectic shopping hours then you can attend events. There is a fantasy island to entertain you. 

All these things make this market one of the best to visit in Dubai as it has the best blend of shopping with entertainment. Global Village ticket price is quite affordable in packages shopping itself is fun and the punch of events makes it more enjoyable than ever before. 

Burjuman Mall

This mall is a popular shopping destination for friends and families. Not just shopping, but the exciting events, activities, and things to do inside the mall put this in the top ten malls of Dubai. Talking about the list of things that you can shop from the mall it is a paradise for all shopaholics as it has all the upscale brands like MAC, Omega, Aldo, Ardene, Charles and Keith, Calvin Klein, Beverly Hills Polo Club, and many others. The Burjuman Mall provides a ravishing shopping experience, particularly for all brand-conscious people. 

Things To Do in Dubai Shopping Festival

Most of us visit Dubai for the breathtaking views of skyscrapers, and water parks, and to witness the luxurious lifestyle Dubai is known for. Although the true essence of Dubai can be felt through the markets in the city. These markets will let you discover the real culture and lifestyle of localities. Scroll down to learn these Best things to do in Dubai.

The Flea Market 

Whenever we visit a new place the real exploration comes from the local market. The Flea market is a place that is a must-visit, as it is the best and the biggest second-hand market that allows you to buy and sell products. If you are someone interested in books and electric appliances then it is a place for you, and who doesn’t like buying things at a cheaper rate? The display of hand-made antiques and art presentations is so nicely done that it compels you to buy your favorites without any hesitation. So don’t put any second thoughts into your mind and visit Dubai flea markets for a budget-friendly shopping experience.  

Ripe Market  

The market with the most sorted stalls, that sell crafts products, and all the fresh products coming right from the Ripe farm. You must be thinking, what this Ripe farm is? It is a marketplace where organic produce, al fresco breakfast, which means picnic breakfast, and food stalls with many more eatables are made available. These fresh eateries will make you crave. However, you will find many such markets in Dubai offering fresh farm produce and fish, the Ripe Market has way better quality and variety that you won’t find anywhere else. The various food and shopping stalls make this place suitable for the whole family's needs because of the comfortable environment it provides. This market is a complete pack of entertainment that can also provide you with yummy meals. 

The Market At The Beach 

Dubai is a city well known for the up upper-class shopping centers, sky-touching towers, and the most happening nightlife. But it doesn’t mean you can't enjoy authentic market strolls, and if you are someone who is into the traditional souks of Dubai then this market will impress you as it is inspired by the same. The Market at The Beach has got it all for you and this downtown market has an erratic chic downtown region. The market covers dried organic products with aromas and has a wide collection of multiple things which also offers quality under one roof. Clothing, artwork, and souvenirs for your family this place covers all. 

Souk al- Bahar 

It is a ‘Market of Sailors’ that gives an experience of modernized shopping, amusements, and unique waterfront eating. All those residing close to Downtown Dubai, near the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, and Dubai Fountain. You can book a hotel around these iconic attractions and enjoy this streamlined marketplace in Dubai. This market, which has 100 stores, 22 dining establishments, parlors, and bistros, won't let you down. This souk features a stunning view of the Burj Khalifa lake, the waterfront pier in front of the moving wellspring, antique rugs, traditional carved pieces, sparkling jewelry, traditional clothing, Arabian fragrances, furniture, literature, and fine arts.

Ibn-battuta Mall   

This is one of the biggest shopping malls in Dubai and one should not miss this if visiting Dubai. This mall has been named after a reputed scholar and explorer, Ibn Battuta, and this mall has ultimate options for you to shop your heart out, hang out with friends and family, and have the best dining experience all of this with entertainment. Plan your holidays during the Dubai Shopping Festival and this mall will be more than your expectations. The Ibn Battuta Mall does justice with the name and has six different areas exquisite of six countries namely, Andalusia, India, Egypt, Persia China, and Tunisia.

Is the Dubai Shopping Festival worth it?

Dubai Shopping Festival is worth it! And trust me when I say this it would be a full use of time and a wonderful exploration for you. Shopping is definitely on the top of the travel checklist, we all know that, and buying souvenirs for your loved one, your home, or for yourself brings back some memories. The moments that you will share there will be filled with fun and relaxation as you will enjoy the admirable art and culture with your friends and family. At the time of Dubai Shopping Fest, you and your family will get a chance to enjoy a range of family activities, and live shows that take place throughout Dubai. 

There are Markets in Dubai for the upscale shopping experience with a full dose of entertainment. With this, you will get an awe-striking experience in shopping for everything that you need, and creating your shopping list from then on will be an exciting experience. 

Dubai Shopping Festival Offers

Do you know what doubles our celebration of shopping? The exciting deals and offers that we get while shopping! And yes it is a guarantee you will feel the same with Dubai shopping festival offers. This will gonna be the best way to start your new year and enjoy the 2023 Dubai shopping festival that brings the biggest of all-time offers. From electronics, and gadgets to high-quality perfumes, clothing, home decor, and more. And do you know what’s more astonishing? The Dubai Shopping Festival ticket prices are not expensive and many travel agencies will let you save more on tickets. 

With over 1,500 stores with all that you need with jaw-dropping discounts as high as 75% or more on the top brands in all categories. If you are looking for an exciting Dubai Shopping Festival Package then look no further than Next Holidays, as their packages start from AED 1400 which seems quite reasonable. This seems so exciting, right? The top international brands take part in the Dubai Shopping Festival you will be shocked to learn the unbelievably low prices of these big names. The high-end leather bags and jewelry that you forgot to add to your checklist could be shopped at the last minute to experience that precious smile on your face, it will be the purest joy. So don’t miss this out, shoppers, and let the excitement roll up. 


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