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17 Best Places to Travel in July on Budget 2024

Worried about the never-ending budget issues? Take a tour of these 17 budget-friendly places in July 2024 and have the best time of your life. 

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All hands down for the most beautiful month of the year!

July is just around the corner, and if you are looking for a last-minute getaway, we always have your back! From exotic beaches to wonderful mountain retreats, this month has so much to offer.
And, as your forever travel guide, it is our duty to not let your time go to waste and provide you with the best July travel destinations around the globe.

Get on this virtual train that takes you around the world to the best July travel destination around the world!

Enjoy The Magical Sunshine Of Oslo, Norway

The capital of Norway is like heaven during the month of July! After the harsh winters, this time is when the residents come out and enjoy the sunshine. The summer is the season for exploration and making new connections with some really amazing people. 

Temperature: 23°C high; 14°C low
Where to stay: Villa Inkognito is one of the most exclusive stays in the city and is perfect for explorers.
Things to do: Visit fascinating museums like the Viking Ship Museum.

Feel The Warmth Of Romance In Paris, France

We can never expect disappointment from the City of Lights, especially during summer! In the month of July, the city has an extra special bloom, which makes it perfect for both family outings and spending time with your spouse. 

Temperature: 26°C high; 16°C low
Where to stay: If you wish to keep the stay cost-efficient, we suggest checking into an Airbnb.
Things to do: You can witness the Bastille Day celebration on July 14th with fireworks, parades, and lively street festivities

Get The Best Of Italiano In Puglia

Say no to crowded places and discover this hidden gem of Italy! This city has some stunning coastlines and charming hilltop towns for you to witness. You will be happy to know that this place has a rich culinary heritage. You can dig into delicious cuisine featuring seafood and pasta. 

Temperature: 31°C high; 16°C low
Where to stay: If you want a sea view from your window, we recommend Don Ferrante.  
Things to do: You can hike the rugged trails of Gargano National Park, or explore the historic city of Bari.

Taste the Lucious Seafood Of Cornwall

The city's beautiful coastlines and pretty villages are perfect for a summer getaway. You can hike along the cliffs and watch the waves crash, making it perfect for people who love being with nature. Enjoy fresh seafood in cozy harbor towns, visit old castles, or just relax and enjoy the classic British seaside vibe.

Temperature: 19°C high; 14°C low
Where to stay: You can stay at The Idle Rocks, which is on the waterfront and provides a great view to its visitors.
Things to do: Visit the historic fishing village of Mousehole, which is a real gem

Spend Some Quality Time In Bali’s Famous City Canggu

If you're looking for a lush getaway with a wellness vibe, check out this Bali travel itinerary to know more. July is a great time to visit with nice weather for exploring rice fields or joining yoga retreats. If you are a food lover, you can enjoy the many tasty and healthy cafes and finish your day with sunset drinks by the ocean.

Temperature: 31°C high; 22°C low
Where to stay: The Slow is one of the most classic hotels in Bali, giving you a tropical experience. 
Things to do: You can visit The Lawn, which is a laidback, barefoot beach club serving cocktails that are old-school hip-hop and hibiscus.

Get The Best Of Greece At Naxos

Naxos gives you a perfect Greek island experience that is totally unforgettable, making this city the best tourist destination in July. You can relax on beautiful beaches with clear blue water, walk through pretty villages with white houses, or see old historical places like the Temple of Apollo. Enjoy tasty Greek food, including fresh seafood and cool summer dishes. 

Temperature: Pleasant weather, highs in the upper 20s (27°C).
Where to stay: There are a variety of options, from resorts to studios.
Things to do: Here you can enjoy the beaches, charming villages, and historical sites, and taste some delicious Greek food.

Witness The Merge Of Land And Fire In Iceland

Visit the Land of Fire and Ice in July for an amazing experience. The long days give you plenty of time to see volcanoes and beautiful waterfalls. Take a unique hike, swim in warm pools, or go whale watching. Don't miss the midnight sun, a special sight you can only see in the far north.

Temperature: 14°C high; 9°C low
Where to stay: The Retreat at Blue Lagoon
Things to do: Iceland is not just about ice, you can go sightseeing, swimming, and a lot more.

Explore The Past And Future In Berlin, Germany

This capital is a proper mix of old and new attractions. You can enjoy the city's exciting art scene, watch an outdoor concert, or take a relaxing boat ride. Good news for foodies! The city offers a number of delicious options, from traditional dishes to international flavors.

Temperature: 22°C high; 12°C low
Where to stay: Diverse neighborhoods (central Mitte, trendy Friedrichshain, family-friendly Prenzlauer Berg)
Things to do: Art scene (museums, galleries), outdoor concerts, boat rides, delicious food (traditional & international).

Kenya, Offering The Best Of Wildlife

The place offers a unique safari experience, and July is the time for that. The weather is clear, and the scenery is beautiful, making it easy to see famous animals in the wild. You can enjoy exciting game drives, visit national parks full of different animals, and take in the stunning views.

Temperature: Around 24°C
Where to stay: Numerous lodge options cater to various budgets, from luxurious tented camps to cozy guesthouses near national parks.
Things to do: Embark on thrilling game drives to spot wildlife in stunning national parks.

Spend Time At The Vibrant City Life Of Wales

Breathe deeply into Wales, which is famed for its exquisite castles like Caernarfon Castle and beautiful scenery such as Snowdonia National Park. Hike through rugged mountains or explore charming villages before visiting Cardiff - its vibrant capital city!

Temperature: 19°C high; 11°C low
Where to stay: The Grove of Narberth, which is an 18th-century country house in Pembrokeshire.
Things to do: You can enjoy the historic festivals or visit plenty of Wales’s main attractions, like, Monmouthshire, the Wye Valley, Pembroke, and Abergavenny.

Dubai, The Cirt Filled With Luxuries 

Experience an exquisite getaway in Dubai, an exotic city where modern marvels meet rich history. There are many things to do in Dubai. Be enchanted by iconic structures like Burj Khalifa, the tallest building ever constructed, or visit its mall; shoppers have access to everything here, from Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall all the way up to thrilling desert safari adventures through golden dunes!
Temperature: 42.1°C high; °C low
Where to stay: If you are looking for the best and most luxurious stay, go for Atlantis, the Palm, which will provide you with the most amazing service.
Things to do: You can visit downtown and enjoy the light show. There are also so many local markets and high-end malls to shop at.

Look For The Huge Icebergs in Newfoundland, Canada

The city is known for its beautiful coastlines, fishing villages, and lots of wildlife. You can hike the amazing trails at the famous National Park or pay a visit to the huge icebergs located in the Iceberg Alley. Take a boat tour to see whales, puffins, and other sea animals in their natural environment. 

Temperature: 19°C high; 9°C low
Where to stay: Fogo Island Inn, which is a four-storey building and is designed as white and minimalist from the inside. Moreover, it also has floor-to-ceiling views of the restless sea.
Things to do: Hike the breathtaking trails of Gros Morne National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or kayak amongst the towering icebergs 

Take An adventurous trip to Mozambique

This is so far the best destination to visit in July! For everyone who is looking for a vacation filled with adventures, the city is calling. It has beautiful beaches, colorful corals, and a lot of culture. Visit the busy capital city, or travel north for a peaceful island getaway. Dive in the clear waters, or watch whales in the Indian Ocean. You can book your stay at different islands that provide fancy eco-friendly lodges with private villas and stunning beaches.

Temperature: 26°C high; 15°C low
Where to stay: Stay at Azura Benguerra Island and experience the island life created just for you.
Things to do: Visit the Explorer's Camp, which offers a traditional safari experience. You can also head north to the Nacala Coast and beachside Stone Town or Nuarro.

Witness Nature’s Gift In Seychelles

Witness the beauty of water bodies lapping over the amazing beaches at this place. Perfect for a dream vacation, this place can be considered an island paradise. You can find luxurious resorts with private beaches where you can spend quality time with your loved ones, making this city the best place to go in July. 

Temperature: Pleasant 26°C with sunshine
Where to stay: Luxurious resorts with private beaches.
Things to do: You can hike through the lush rainforest, relax on stunning beaches, and enjoy luxurious resorts.

Lay Down In The Field Of Lavender At Provence, France

This location is like a huge field of lavender, which is extra bloomy during the month of July. You can witness beautiful villages amongst vineyards and the warm glow of the sun. Explore the Instagramic towns or experience staying at a farmhouse between the fields. This city is one of the best places for a July vacation.

Temperature: Between 28°C and 30°C
Where to stay: Charming villages, farmhouses amidst lavender fields, or hotels in towns like Aix-en-Provence.
Things to do: Explore lavender fields, discover villages, relax in a farmhouse, and enjoy sunny weather.

Experience The Blend Of History And Charm In Cartagena

This city is one of the most captivating gems of this country, Cartagena is a place that offers a blend of history and charm. You can indulge yourself in the lively atmosphere of Santo Domingo or discover some restaurants or bars. You can also spend a lazy day discovering the buildings and beautiful old towns.

Temperature: Highs around 31°C 
Where to stay: Diverse options range from historic center hotels to beachfront resorts.
Things to do: Explore vibrant neighborhoods, discover historical sites, relax on beaches, and enjoy delicious Colombian cuisine.

Take Your Turn In Scuba Diving in Fiji, South Pacific

Call out all the beach lovers! This is a city you should not miss at all. Filled with beaches and clear waters, this place becomes the perfect destination for a family vacation or a getaway with friends. You can explore the underwater world through scuba diving, which makes this the best country to travel to in July.

Temperature: Around 27°C
Where to stay: Family-friendly resorts, private island getaways, or traditional Fijian bures (bungalows).
Things to do: Relax on pristine beaches; explore vibrant coral reefs through scuba diving or snorkeling.

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