10 Best Places for Glamping in UAE

Camping is old-school! To suit your high-end self, go glamping with your friends and family in the UAE. Experience adventurous activities with a stay at a seven-star hotel.

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Glamping in UAE

When we talk about the UAE, everything becomes more glamorous, even an activity like camping! If you wish to have a royal treatment while enjoying nature, glamping in the UAE is the way to go!

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Imagine being surrounded by the most extravagant scenery nature has to offer. You can witness the natural beauty away from the city on a private terrace or pool. It sounds like an incredible idea! We have all been camping at least once in our lifetime. But if you are someone who believes that common camping does not suit your glamorous self, we have something special for you. Let's go glamping in the UAE!

Different from typical camping filled with dusty grounds and uncomfortable sleeping bags, glamping offers you a blend of nature and modern comfort. Enjoy all the adventures Mother Nature has to offer from the comfort of a seven-star hotel. UAE, being the most beloved tourist destination, offers some of the most incredible places for you to say hello to the environment in style. Get ready to explore new tourist attractions in Dubai and other cities in the UAE! In this blog, we will take you on a virtual tour of our 10 favorite glamping places. 
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Places for Glamping in UAE

Now that you have packed your comfort sleepers and are ready for luxury camping in the UAE, we have listed our top 10 best places for glamping in the UAE.

Arabian Nights Village, Al Khatim

Do you wish to be a character in the legendary tale ‘Arabian Nights’? Then visit the Arabian Nights in Al Khatim, which offers the best glamping in the UAE. Spend a night filled with the stars and a traditional Arabian environment. This means you will be having an unforgettable time in luxury Bedouin tents under the open sky. Don’t worry; it won't be like any typical camping trip! You will have all the high-end facilities, like outdoor sofas, swimming pools with sun loungers, etc.

Anantara Al Sahel Villa Resort

Anantara Al Sahel Villa Resort is the perfect synonym for glamping heaven! Located amidst Sir Bani Yas Island, this resort is the best composition of mother nature and Arabian luxury. Unwind from a stressful life with the luxurious amenities or explore the Arabian Wildlife Park if you are an adventure enthusiast. But, this doesn’t end here! If you are a foodie, good for you; here you can enjoy both local and international cuisine at their top-quality restaurants. The scenery from the resort makes glamping in the Abu Dhabi desert a dreamy experience.

Caravana Al Zorah

Hello, all the beach babies! Caravana Al Zorah is looking forward to giving you a camping experience you’ll never forget! Rest on the private beach and enjoy an outdoor cinema with your loved ones. The place has the perfect atmosphere for spending some romantic time with your partner or having a getaway with your family. Caravana Al Zorah is known for an organic camping experience with a peaceful sunset and cozy winds.

The Longbeach Campground

Take glamping to a completely different level with the Longbeach Campground glamping in Ras Al Khaimah. The camp is held for two days a week and offers you five levels of luxury. The place provides a dome that gives off a celebrity vibe with its personal hot tub and other amenities. To add to your experience, you can enjoy private time with your loved ones while listening to the sea waves in the background. 

Bab Al Nojoum, Abu Dhabi

Hear the call of nature and go glamping in Abu Dhabi’s one of the finest places! Bab Al Nojoum allows you to choose from beachfront lodges, cozy wagons, desert tents, or private pool villas to spend time. They ensure that the place of stay is made in such a way that you can experience both the comfort and thrills that nature has to offer. Unwind among the sand dunes or challenge your skills through water activities. 

Banan Beach, Ras Al Khaimah

All the beach lovers out there, gather around and get ready for an experience that will be filled with sea breezes and white beachy sand. Live in an Instagram tent and soak in the sun on the beach—everything is ready for an authentic experience. Moreover, if you are a pet parent, this place will be outstanding due to its pet-friendly nature. So, there is no need to drop your fur babies somewhere else; you can enjoy them right here.

Hatta Resorts, Dubai

We have one of the best things to do in Hatta, Dubai, for you! Glamping in the Dubai desert can’t get any better! Camp is on the banks of Hatta Dam in the region’s first ‘trailer hotel’- the Sedr Trailers. A heaven of outdoor activities, Hatta Resort is perfect for hiking, biking trails, and much more. The resort offers a private terrace, BBQ, and fire pit for family getaways and party gatherings. 

Mleiha Glamping, Sharjah

Add a touch of history to your glamping at Mleiha. Located near the majestic Al Faya Mountain, this place takes you away from the city rush to experience a whole new dimension. Explore the history of Mleiha at the Mleiha Archaeological Centre, stargaze with your loved ones, or just relax and experience a magical sunrise. 

Mysk Kingfisher Retreat, Sharjah

Ready to discover a ‘never seen before’ ecosystem? Sign up for the best glamping in the UAE at Mysk Kingfisher Retreat, Sharjah. First, boat your way to the island, where you will be allotted your private tent and pool. This glamping also includes adventures created according to your needs. If you are in the UAE with your family, this is a must-visit place for both educational and entertainment purposes. 

JA Fort Hotel’s Terra Cabins, Dubai

If you are looking for some thrills, we have just the place for you! Release your inner adventurer in luxury glamping in Dubai. In the middle of the Hajar Mountains, find a paradise that will blow your mind. Win over the mountains, boat in the waters, or just relax and de-stress yourself. For all mountain lovers, this place is pure bliss with luxurious facilities, like a private terrace for stargazing, a minibar, and a romantic rain shower to enjoy with your partner.

Ready for the Camping That Suits Your Glam?

If you are a tourist or a resident, we understand that unwinding from our daily city life is something we all need from time to time. And, now that we have taken you on a virtual trip to all the amazing glamping places in the UAE, you surely are more than excited to visit them in reality! So, pick your glamorous desert safari outfit, because NextHolidays is ready to give you the most amazing glamping experience. Find packages that are tailored according to your needs. Glamping can become the biggest reason to visit Dubai and other UAE cities! Going on a friend's trip, a family getaway, or for a romantic time with your partner—the agency has it all listed down for you! 


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