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Are you an entrepreneur with a problem-solving idea in the travel and tourism industry? Know everything about the Arabian Travel Market 2024 and register to exhibit your innovative product.

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What to Wear?

As it is a professional event, pack your best formal attire. But keeping Dubai’s Desert climate conditions in mind, go for clothes that are made of light materials like cotton and linen.

Where to Register?

You can get answer to all your queries and complete your registration at the official site of Arabian Travel Mart.

What are the Tips?

As it has limited passes, make sure that you get your registration confirmed in advance.

The travel industry is a boon. Not we; the statistics say that. Talking about the stats, approximately 10 percent of the global GDP in 2019 was from the tourism and travel industry. Isn’t it huge? Still, only 1 percent of this total funding has been allocated to startups over the last 15 years, says Mckinsey. Isn’t it strange? Well, it’s not strange but practical.

The reason is that the industry is enormous. The larger the industry is, the less funds, in percentage, get allocated to the new entrepreneurs. But long gone are those days when entrepreneurship used to be a rare profession. This is the era of entrepreneurs and authorities across the globe taking all the initiatives they can to support young minds and new ideas. 

It is the Arabian market’s strong suit to stay ahead of the trends. In lieu of this, the Arabian Travel Market is all geared up to empower innovation and transform travel through entrepreneurship in 2024. Henceforth, Next Holidays is here with the whole nine yards of it. 

Arabian Travel Market 2024 

Arabian Travel Market Dubai 2024 is the physical shark tank for go-getters and hustlers in the travel industry. How? Industry leaders, policymakers, and travel professionals across the globe, especially from the Middle East, will be there to appreciate all the innovations in the sector. Further to this, it is a platform dedicated to the power of creativity required to transform the tourism field of business.

ATM’s net-zero pledge is what is needed to adapt to drive positive change through sustainable and responsible tourism. ATM 2024 is an event that displays how the UAE is going to achieve its goal of $150 billion in foreign investment by 2030 and how we, as a part of society, can contribute to that.

ATM Dates & Location

Arabian Travel Market Dubai is a must-exhibition for all business enthusiasts. Being organized at the World Trade Center Dubai between May 6 and May 9, it is going to be a great learning session for all the attendees. On top of that, the anticipation of breaking the record of more than 40,000 attendees that were a part of this session is going to be a benchmark setter.

Arabian Travel Market Registration

Exhibitions like the Arabian Travel Market exhibition are for delegates, visitors, media professionals, buyers, and exhibitors. What does this mean? It means that it is a golden opportunity with limited passes. So if you are planning to attend it, you need to take action in time to ensure your successful participation.

But to take part in the event, you must be aware of the Arabian Travel Market dates and location. Not only this, you must also have access to the right platform to set the seal on a valid registration. Having said that, you can register for it by accessing:

Are you looking for a ‘Visitor & Buyer Registration’? Register @arabiantravelmarket
Are you a media person figuring out how to capture insights? Register @arabiantravelmarket 
Are you looking for a ‘Hosted Buyer Programme’? Get answers to all your questions @arabiantravelmarket
Are you someone who wants to exhibit their ideas at the event? Enquire now @arabiantravelmarket

FAQ about the Arabian Travel Mart:

What is Arabian Travel Mart Dubai?

It is an event where travel experts from across the globe gather together to impart knowledge about upcoming trends and ways to reshape the industry. It is also an opportunity for startups to present their products in front of the wizards and grow their network. 

Where is ATM happening?

ATM 2024 is happening in the majestic town of Dubai. The professionals traveling from around the world for this exhibition have a chance to combine business and vacation in the luxurious city of Dubai.

What is the theme of Arabian Travel Market 2024?

The theme of Arabian Travel Market 2024 is ‘Empowering Innovation - Transforming Travel Through Entrepreneurship’.

Why should you attend the Arabian Travel Market Exhibition?

You get to know what your peers are doing in the industry that you aren’t. You discover how the industry is innovating, which helps you stay up-to-date and provide a premium experience to your customers. The most important part is that you connect with new people, which helps you in the long run.


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