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Celebrate Eid-Al-Adha in Dubai 2024

Everyone wants the blessing of the divine and to bring faith, hope, and love into their lives, right?  So, isn’t it important to know everything about Eid-al-Adha!!

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Traditions during Eid

All the family wakes up early in the morning and they all go to the mosque to take part in the remarkable prayer called Idgah. It also has a tradition of exchanging gifts.

Outfit Ideas for Eid

The festival includes traditional attire like kurta pajama for males and graceful saree or shalwar kameez with ornaments for females.

Tips to celebrate Eid

After the prayer, everyone follows up for the grand feast along with delicious sweets. Children also receive cash gifts in the form of Eidiya.

Guess What? Eid Al-Adha 2024 will soon arrive in Dubai! That means it's time for an epic celebration, featuring delicious food, family fun activities, and maybe even some fireworks - and Eid will certainly not disappoint. Dubai knows how to throw an awesome bash, with Eid being no different!

No matter where your faith stands or your cultural experience lies, Dubai has something special waiting for you this Eid al-Adha! Let this blog be your one-stop resource for all things Eid al-Adha celebration in Dubai - including where to visit, what food to try, travel packages available as well as awesome travel special offers that'll help make this Eid remarkable. Get set and let's celebrate Eid al-Adha Dubai style! Let's go!

Eid-Al-Adha in Dubai 2024 

Eid Al Adha 2024 dates are coming soon, right after Hajj. It's a big party to celebrate faith and family. The exact dates change every year, so mark your calendar as it is expected to fall on June 17.

Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) is a super happy holiday. It's a story about how Prophet Ibrahim (that's Abraham) was super devoted to God, and it's a time for Muslims to get together and celebrate. In Dubai, it's an extra special time because they mix the old ways of celebrating with all kinds of new fun stuff too. Check the Eid-al-Adha prayer time so that you can make it on time.

Places To Visit during Eid-Al-Adha in Dubai 

We all want to visit interesting places in our leisure time with our loved ones. And when it is time for the festival of Eid, then we get more excited, right? 

So, let us tell you about the best places to visit in Dubai during the Eid holidays. This will include places of fireworks, mosques, food, and a general place to visit

Fireworks Over Paradise - The Palm Jumeirah

Do you want to see the Eid Al Adha fireworks in Dubai and the UAE? Yes, this can be the place for what you are looking for. As the sky and night start falling and getting darker, then only is it the correct time to dunk your legs into the white and shining sand and enjoy the mesmerizing experience with your partner on your next. You can feel the amazing views, full of light and colorful crackers all over the sky.

The Palm Jumeirah, 1 Palm Jumeirah Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Phone: 971 4-455-9999

Pray for the Greater Future Ahead at Grand Bur Dubai Masjid

It is one of the most important things to do in Dubai during the Eid holidays to know your traditions better. It can also be said that the Grand Bur Dubai Masjid, a mosque in Iranian style, is part of the city’s heritage district. The mosque is also off-limits to non-Muslims. Grand Bur Dubai Masjid also serves as the place to worship and gather on Friday for people. 
You know this famous mosque is also a center of learning as well as discovery through its education and conducting programs for visitors. 

Grand Bur Dubai Masjid, Opposite Dubai Museum, Near Rulers Court Office - 67 Ali Bin Abi Taleb St - Al Fahidi

Drown into the Taste of Bebek Restaurant Dubai 

Craving some delicious food to fuel your Eid celebrations? Bebek Restaurant is a fantastic option for authentic Turkish and Arabic flavors. Tempt your taste buds with sizzling kebabs, freshly baked bread, and aromatic stews bursting with spices. Bebek Restaurant isn't just about the food; the atmosphere is perfect for a special occasion. It's like stepping into a vibrant cultural experience, perfect for sharing a memorable Eid meal with loved ones. Don’t forget to visit most fancy restaurants in Dubai to enjoy your Eid-al-Adha in Dubai

Bebek Restaurant Dubai, Villa 531 Jumeirah Beach Rd - Jumeirah - Jumeirah 3, Phone: +97143490024

Celebrate Your Kinda Eid at La Perle by Dragone

The world's first permanent aqua theatre featuring breathtaking choreography and daring stunts is available through La Perle, the region's only permanent show. Stunning aerial acrobatics, death-defying dives, and unbelievable motorcycle tricks are just some of the impressive feats and tricks performed by this world-class act. It can be said to be one of the best places to visit in Dubai during the Eid holiday.

La Perle by Dragone, Al Habtoor City - 260 Sheikh Zayed Rd., Phone: +97144370001

Popular Eid-Al-Adha Food

Want to be lost in the magic of the festivities? And you want to know what food is eaten on Eid al-Adha? Yes, alright then. We all know that festivals are an essential part of our lives. But you know what makes festivals more special? It's food. Food is the specialty of festivals; it should be delicious and traditional. 

So, to fill your festival with joyous moments, here are some special and mouthwatering dishes 

Scrumptious Ouzi

Ouzi is a regional main dish that is served in the UAE. It is prepared by gently cooking meaty goat or lamb, mixing it with rice, and garnishing it with fried pine nuts. 

Machboos Chicken

There are parallels between Chicken Machboos and Biryani. A staple of Eid celebrations, it's a flavorful blend of fragrant rice and soft chicken. The secret to setting it apart from its Biryani counterpart is the special marinade and spice blend. 

Mouth Watering Mutton Korma

This is the life of the Eid festival. It is a tasty and fragrant curry that contains tender mutton pieces. The dish is prepared with a spicy yogurt gravy and is popular for its creamy texture and different spices. You can taste this delicacy with rice or bread. 

Baklava - Scrumptious Dessert in the Desert!

Looking for a lighter twist on a classic? This is one of the famous traditional Eid sweets. Baklava is the best dish for Eid! This delicious dessert keeps things sweet with a touch of honey, all wrapped in flaky phyllo dough. 

Looking for the best restaurants after the Eid party? Here it is:

Top Eid-Al-Adha Tour Packages from Dubai 

Eid al-Adha tour packages from Dubai inspire you to make the most of your Eid celebrations, offering a rich tapestry of traditions that reflect Dubai's lively atmosphere while welcoming guests of any background. Everyone is greeted warmly with Eid al-Adha Travel Deals!

Georgia Eid Package
Azerbaijan Eid Package
Kazakhstan Eid Tour Package

Sacrifice your Sorrows with Feast, Eid-Al-Adha Mubarak!!

Dubai is the place to be this Eid al-Adha, no matter what you're into! Want to learn more about Islam? Visit the Grand Mosque. Want some thrills? Check out the La Perle show! This Eid, skip the boring stuff and make it amazing in Dubai with Next Holidays. Book your hotel, explore cool places, enjoy yummy food, and most importantly, celebrate with your family and friends at the best places to visit in Dubai

Let us make this Eid Mubarak with sweets and a feast.


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