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10 Best Burgers in Dubai 2024 (Must Try)

Dubai offers some of the best burgers! So, if you are in the city, don’t forget to take a dive into the heaven of deliciousness. 

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Vegan Burger in Dubai

Dubai burgers are not just about big, heavy meat patties! The options are endless, even for vegans! The vegan burger at Black Tap is an example of that.

Average Cost of Burger

In Dubai, a delicious burger at a good place will cost you around AED 55 to AED 95. But, this still depends on the place you are visiting.

Things to Consider

If you wish to go for a unique taste, consider choosing a burger place that has homemade sauces and creative toppings.

Burger!! Don’t you think our lives are more like burgers? With nicely balanced buns, we just put our favorite patties on them and eat them with our special sauces. 

So let’s dedicate this life to burgers because we are in the mood for food in Dubai. 

Not just for the lavish lifestyle and fancy tall buildings but also for food. So, burger lovers, continue to find Dubai! Prepare yourself for a delightful experience if you are in the city and discover unbelievable Dubai burger places that serve delectable treats. 

Here's a list of the top 10 burger restaurants in Dubai, as your friendly guide.

Spoiler Alert: You’re gonna dive into the creamy sauces, crispy patties, and best ambiance of the most fancy restaurants in Dubai, so don’t try to keep your taste buds in control!

Happiness Loaded burgers

Double truffle burger at Ugly Burger

Just the name of this burger hints at its deliciousness! The Ugly Burger restaurant in Dubai has a must-try double truffle burger that will definitely blow your mind. If you are craving a filling meal packed in a rich, yet not very intense, paste and aioli, this is the spot where you should be!

Dhs45. Shogun Media City (04 447 4899).

V-Twin Vege at Burgerfuel

Embrace the taste of a flavorful, delicious patty that will leave you wanting more. Featuring sweet potato, mushrooms, chickpeas, and basil, the V-Twin Veggie Burger gives you a taste you'll never forget. You can also feel the melted cheddar and aioli while you're there, making it the best veg burger in Dubai.

Dhs34. Locations include The Walk, opposite JBR and Mall of the Emirates

Extra Veggie Burger at LDC Kitchen + Coffee

Looking for a place where you can have a cup of coffee with your favorite veg burger? At LDC Kitchen + Coffee, you can taste the best veggie burger in Dubai. You're going to love this burger, loaded with black beans, cashews, and mushrooms, which will give you an original burger experience. For an extra flavorful bite, mustard-mayo and cheese are topped on it.

Dhs65. Various locations across Dubai.

Double Trouble at Eleven Green

How about multiplying your happiness and making it double? Find the best burgers in Dubai at Eleven Green, located in the heart of Jumeirah! The house-grown burger joint offers a delicious Double Trouble burger that is topped with cheese, pickles, onions, and their special 11G sauce. Its sharp, savory flavor conceals a secret feature that makes the Double Trouble burger an excellent option.

Dhs57. Tue-Sun, 12.30 p.m. until sold out. Meyan Mall, Al Thaniya Street.

Veggie Classics - Only Vegetarians/Vegan

Picante Umami at LENTO

LENTO is one of the best burger places in Dubai, serving a blend of flavors that will give a boost to your taste buds; especially with their Picante Umami! Prepared with a sourdough milk bun, the burger features two prime wagyu patties, green salsa, and the unique spicy Lento sauce, making the flavor quite pleasant. 

Dhs60. Al Wasl Road, Umm Suqeim, (04 252 5968).

Vegan Burger at Black Tap

Vegans are now in vogue, and tasty meals have vegan alternatives -- even burgers! It's hard to describe how good vegan burgers are, especially those at the Black Tap in Dubai. They make the best plant-based burgers in Dubai Mall with a black bean patty dressed with salsa verde, onions, and a creamy vegan mayo. 

(Dhs69). Various locations, including Dubai Mall and Downtown Dubai

Red Dot Versions - Non Vegetarian Only

Wagyu Burger at 11Woodfire

Are you craving the best hamburger in Dubai? Well, if your answer was yes, 11Woodfire is the ideal spot for you! If you are visiting Jumeirah, do not miss their screamingly delicious Wagyu burger. Being a dream come true for every Whopper fan, this burger features Gouda cheese, diced mushrooms, and tangy Siracha sauce. This giant piece of food makes it one of the best breakfast places in Dubai!

Dhs100. 75B Street (next to Mercato Mall), Jumeirah 04 491 9000

Looking for some extra spicy life in Dubai? Must Check

Wagyu foie gras slider at Goldfish Sushi & Yakitori

Have you ever heard the famous saying, ‘What looks good, tastes good?’ Well, witness it becoming real with the Wagyu foie gras slide. When talking about good-looking burgers, we have to give them to Goldfish Sushi & Yakitori at Galleria Mall. The burgers at this place are very unique and come with savory beef patties. The Wagyu foie gras slider features a rich, creamy, and salty texture. 

Dhs90. Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Road, (04 886 4966)

Mad Chicken at She Burger

All the chicken lovers out there, She Burger is calling you with its Mad Chicken burger line! Melt in the taste of fresh chicken coated with a laban-based batter placed heartily in between the buns, mixed with American cheese and Sante Fe sauce. If you love spicy food, this burger will definitely give you a thrill. 

Dhs39. Dar Wasl Mall, Al Safa (04 333 3258).

The Original Good Burger at Good Burger

With a menu that features delicious options like chicken sandwiches, veggie burgers, etc., Good Burger is known to be the best go-to burger place in Dubai. Out of all the options, the classic cheeseburger is the top choice. It is because of its luscious Martin’s potato, overfilling cheese, and, if you wish, you can also opt for the Good’s special sauce.

From Dhs45., inside Maiz Tacos, Cluster Y, JLT, (04 514 4712).

BurrrGerrrss are Calling You in Dubai!

Did your mouth just water? These ten burger places in Dubai redefine the culinary experience, inviting you to savor each bite and explore the distinct flavors that turn every burger into a masterpiece.

Happy Eating!


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