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Best Places To Visit In Montenegro 2024

Discover Montenegro's hidden gems, from Podgorica's vibrant atmosphere to Cetinje's rich history, and indulge in local wines. Experience stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, and captivating culture in this underrated European destination.

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Best Time To Visit

May to September offers warm weather, sunny days for beach activities, and outdoor exploration.

Free Things To Do

Stroll through Old Town Kotor, hike Lovcen National Park, and visit Stari Bar ruins.


Montenegro's diverse landscape, historic towns, local cuisine, and wineries; explore coastal gems, rugged mountains, and immerse yourself in rich culture.

Montenegro has quickly emerged as one of Europe's premier travel destinations due to its natural beauty, cultural variety, and welcoming attitude. Budva beaches feature crystal-clear water, and Durmitor National Park's majestic peaks and rugged mountain terrain provide memorable adventures! Montenegro is the ideal travel destination!

Next Holidays will provide travelers seeking an escape from mass tourism with an ideal getaway in Montenegro. Uninhibited by mass tourism, visitors to Montenegro can fully embrace its special character while discovering some of its popular sights. This blog will examine several top Montenegrin spots while explaining why places to visit in Montenegro are worth your time!

Places to Visit in Montenegro 2024

Montenegro's capital and center for commerce, Podgorica, holds great appeal for visitors touring this nation. There is an abundance of cultural and historic sights worth seeing here that should not be neglected when touring this Podgorica city - from Republic Square to the Old Town, you will discover lots of gems! Don't miss these places to visit in Montenegro:

Republic Square

At the core of Podgorica lies Republic Square - its iconic focal point where festivals, concerts, and events of various sorts take place throughout the year. Here, visitors can take in the vibrant city atmosphere while relaxing comfortably while watching passersby pass them by.

Bokeska Street

Situated at the center of town, this pedestrian-only boulevard features cafes, restaurants, and shops lined with cafes - which both locals and tourists love visiting for some refreshments or delicious dishes! Both visitors to Bokeska and locals frequent this avenue regularly to discover something delicious to drink or eat from one or more establishments here.

Millennium Bridge

Crossing over the Moraca River and connecting both sides of Podgorica, this picturesque bridge serves as an excellent vantage point from which to capture pictures and enjoy riverside views. Don't miss this chance to visit such an idyllic spot!

Sastavci & Skaline 

Sastavci & Skaline is an iconic district in Podgorica renowned for its historic architecture and narrow streets - ideal for exploration on foot. Come explore all that this district offers! You are warmly invited!

Clock Tower

As one of Podgorica's oldest structures and an iconic symbol of Ottoman heritage, Podgorica's Clock Tower stands as an impressive structure in the middle of town with amazing panoramic views across town.

The Old Town of Podgorica 

Perched high upon its central hill is the Old Town, an intricate network of streets and houses featuring traditional architecture that's great for exploring Podgorica's rich history while discovering something about your surroundings.


Krusevac is an elegant neighborhood featuring scenic city views and historic structures, perfect for relaxing walks.

Temple of the Resurrection of Christ

One of Podgorica's iconic Orthodox churches and landmarks is unmissable if you love architecture or history; visiting here is essential for architecture enthusiasts and history lovers.

St. George Church

Dating back to the 11th century, St. George is one of Podgorica's oldest churches and gives knowledge into the early Christian history of this town. A great pit stop on your tour through Podgorica!

Podgorica boasts many attractions to satisfy anyone interested in culture, history, or local life. From its lively main square and ancient historical sites to breathtaking vistas - no one will leave disappointed after experiencing all the places to visit in Montenegro!

You Know What’s Speciality? Montenegrin Wines 

Montenegro's rich wine culture should not be neglected while visiting places in Montenegro, boasting ancient vineyards like Rijeka Crnojevica on the Pavlova side that date back centuries! Visitors to Montenegro have an opportunity to learn and experiment with viniculture while sampling some local wines, like Vranac with earthy tones and Krstac with crisp white notes that add crispiness.

Rijeka Crnojevica Winery can be found nestled along Skadar Lake's shore in Rijeka Crnojevica village and provides unforgettable wine-tasting tours. Combine a cruise tour with a winery visit for an exciting boat journey as you admire the breathtaking landscapes and wildlife close by its waters.

Your Adventure Awaits at Next Holidays!

At Montenegro, we hope that once you experience its charming streets and historic cities of Podgorica and Cetinje, as well as tasting its delightful local wine, Montenegro becomes your next travel destination! Many tourists often overlook this small Balkan nation, but there's enough excitement here for an extended visit! Do not forget to explore the dazzling places to visit in Montenegro, from its pleasant coastline to its breathtaking mountains.

Montenegro will captivate and charm visitors! Offering numerous activities and attractions, Montenegro promises to enchant and surprise.


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