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10 Interesting Facts About Dubai 2024

Dubai has so much to offer to its visitors! From the tallest building to gold-plated cars, ATMs that give out gold, huge shopping malls and so much more for you to explore.  

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What to Experience?

While being in Dubai, do not miss the historical heritage, the city has to offer! The place offers man-made beaches, shopping streets for shopaholics and a lot more.

Dubai City Tour Guide

Dubai is more than a wonderful skyline and skyscrapers. The city is filled with hidden secrets and fun facts. So, pack up and get ready for a trip that would definitely be remarkable.

What are the Tips?

It is always better to be aware of the local laws and cultural significance of the city to avoid any future troubles during your trip.

Dubai is the city of many wonders for a reason! Fun fact about Dubai; the city has some of the world’s most incredible things to offer, making it a very popular destination for many tourists. From 7-star hotels to many architectural sights, the city provides countless opportunities to endure an amazing journey. Since 2022, the popularity of Dubai has increased rapidly, thanks to its breathtaking scenery and outstanding skyline! If you intend to have a trip with your friends and family or even for business purposes, Dubai is just the most suitable spot.

For the beach lover, city stroller, shopping fanatic or adrenaline junkie-there is not just one but many reasons to visit Dubai. The city makes you enjoy the amazing skyscrapers, aquariums, and also man-made beaches. So, if you are going to spend a family vacation or have a romantic moment with your partner on Valentine’s Day, then this is the place.

Facts About Dubai 

Dubai is much more than the grand skyline and the incredible high-rise buildings. The city withholds some of the most brilliant facts within itself. When planning your holiday to Dubai, UAE, it is always entertaining if you find out more information about the place that will appeal to you even further. Find Dubai from a very new viewpoint and learn some of the most fascinating facts about this mega-city.

Whether it is history or glamour, we have some really interesting facts about Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which are sure to make you say, ‘WOW!’

Interesting Facts About Dubai 

We all know some of the common facts, like Dubai being the largest city in the UAE but most of us surely don’t know about ATMs that give gold. To know more about it and other amazing facts about Dubai, keep reading!

World's Tallest Building

One of the most amazing yet well-known facts about Dubai is that it holds the tallest building, i.e., Burj Khalifa. Also, a sneak-peak Burj Khalifa fact; It is said that the height of the building is equal to three Eiffel Towers kept above each other. 

Fastest-Growing City In UAE

Before the 18th century, Dubai was nothing but a small fishing village with very limited space. It was surrounded by desert land with almost no plantations. But it has rapidly grown over the years.  

ATMs That Give Out Gold

You know that Dubai is one of the best places to buy gold, as you can get it at cheap prices but today we will tell you about ATMs that issue gold. Yes, in Dubai, to make the process easy, these ATMs are installed in locations like Dubai Mall, The Palm, etc.

Gold-Plated Cars Running on The Streets 

Many people in Dubai own cars that are plated with real gold. While visiting the city, you can witness top-brand cars, like Lamborghini, Camaro, Mercedes, and more, running casually on the road. These cars being plated with gold make it a dazzling site in Dubai.

Experience Live Adventure

Dubai is the home of the largest indoor-themed park, namely, IMG Worlds of Adventure. It is a destination filled with approximately 17 rides that are Cartoon Network theme-based. This park allows you to live your childhood dreams with fun characters, Marvel superheroes, animatronic dinosaurs, and much more.

Emirates Mall offers indoor skiing

Beat the summers of Dubai with an indoor skiing place! The Emirates Mall, known as the hub for shopaholics also holds an impressive indoor skiing that has left the world in awe. The place offers various adventures for people who are seeking for thrill. 

World's Largest Photo Frame

The city has the largest photo frame that has gained the attention of tourists. The frame is 492 feet tall and gives a panoramic view of the city.  Dubai frame is made in a way that it frames the old and new parts of Dubai portraying the city’s transformation. This place is perfect for experiencing the history and future of Dubai.

No Taxes in Dubai Before 2023

A fun fact about Dubai is that before 2023, people were exempt from paying tax and it was only in June 2023 that the authorities of the UAE introduced its first corporate tax. Even after this, individuals still do not have to pay real estate, employment, personal income, and other taxes.

Extra Fancy Police Cars

If you are in Dubai, get ready to witness cars like Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, Camaro, etc as police rides. Unlike in other places of the world, police cars in Dubai have extra glam to them. These supercars are used for patrolling in the city and other tourist areas. 

Largest Airport Terminal in the World

Situated in the Al Garhoud district, Dubai International Airport has the largest terminal in the world. Terminal 3 of the airport is considered the second largest building. 

Let’s Get Out of The Factual World

Now, we can surely say that Dubai is mind-blowing and perfect for people who are looking for comfort and adventure at the same time! After reading these amazing facts about Dubai, we are sure that you are more than convinced to visit the city. In addition to having the world’s largest building and airport terminal, the city also has the largest aquariums, the largest programmed fountain and so much more. It is safe to say that when it comes to Dubai, everything is bigger and better! All the new tourist attractions in Dubai are waiting to welcome you! So, pack your bags and catch that next flight to a place that is more like a dream in real life. 


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