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10 Nearby Visa Free Countries for UAE Residents 2024

Looking for some visa-free countries to visit during the long weekend? This blog contains some famous destinations you can choose from!

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What Time to Visit

It would be best to visit these countries during the colder season. You can visit between September to April.

Free Things to Do

You can experience the natural beauty of the mountains, stroll through the local bazaar, or just relax on the beach.

What to Experience

You can experience the bustling metropolis of Tokyo or float on the Dead Sea. Historic palaces in Seoul are also some great options.

Welcome back, Wanderers! 

We know how much you love exploring new places and taking up adventures! With big weekends and Eid-Al-Adha standing just at the doorstep, the excitement is just out of control.

But, going through the visa process for a weekend trip can be a daunting task! But not with Next Holidays! Did you know there are wonderful countries that do not ask for visas from UAE residents? In simple words, there are countries you can visit without waiting for your visa application to be approved.

Now that you know this top-secret information, here is a list of the top places to visit from Dubai without a visa. So, don’t miss your chance and plan your next trip!

Dive into Sri Lanka's Calm Shores

This country is one of the most popular tourist places among people all around the world. Although small, don’t dare to judge this country before visiting! You’ll be shocked to see how much this country has to offer, from breathtaking scenery and beautiful beaches to historic remains and a variety of islands. The options in Sri Lanka are endless making it one of the best among all the visa-free countries for UAE residents. 

Here is why you should visit Sri Lanka:
  • Stunning beaches like Mirissa
  • Exotic wildlife safaris in Yala National Park
  • Delicious and diverse cuisine

Armenia, Where Ancient History Meets Mountain

One of the best destinations for religious believers, this country is known to be the first to embrace Christianity. Due to this, the country is home to many religious landmarks, including churches, that are widely visited by tourists. That’s not it! The place is also rich in natural marvels and a fascinating culture for visitors to explore. The country grants free visas for UAE residents for max. of 180 days.

Here is why you should visit Armenia:

  • Ancient monasteries like Tatev
  • Mount Ararat's breathtaking views
  • Yerevan's vibrant nightlife and cafe culture

Discover Turkey, Where East Meets West

Witness a blend of history and culture at this wonderful destination! The country is home to iconic cities. Even the local bazaars of this country are worth the hype. And the best part is, that you don’t need a Turkey tourist visa from Dubai or other UAE cities. An Istanbul City Break promises unforgettable experiences, with beaches on one side and delectable Turkish cuisine on the other. So, stop waiting and go for a majestic Turkey tour.

Here is why you should visit Turkey:
  • Iconic landmarks like Hagia Sophia
  • Hot air balloon rides over landscapes
  • panoramic views of Istanbul's skyline

Marvel upon the Land of Fire, Azerbaijan

If you wish to take a break from your regular schedule and experience something extraordinary, Exploring Azerbaijan is it! Due to a unique yet perfect blend of Eastern and Western customs, this country has become famous among tourists. Even after being an Islamic country, the place isn’t anything like your everyday travel destination! It beautifully showcases a mix of different cultures, creating a unique experience for visitors.

Here is why you should visit Azerbaijan:
  • Flame Towers
  • Mud volcanoes in Gobustan National Park
  • Fire Mountain (Yanar Dag)

You can also explore the Baku and Qabala City Tour or the Eid special offering, the Azerbaijan Eid Al Adha Holiday Package!

Experience Asia's Gem, Singapore

This is by far the best destination if you want to see mind-blowing buildings and a wide range of culinary options, come together. It is a perfect place to make memories with your family! The Lion City Singapore is known for its unique eco-friendly shopping centers and outstanding dolphin shows. 

Here is why you should visit Singapore:
Gardens by the Bay
Sentosa Island for beaches
World-class shopping and dining experiences

Wander through Georgia’s Cradle of Wine

If you are passionate about history and still haven’t seen what Georgia has in its pockets, you are missing out on a lot! Well-known for its hospitality, this country has some mind-blowing historical sites and monuments that will take you through time and tell you some ancient tails. This European country is home to a remarkable landscape and shares a border with the Black Sea making it a fascination for global tourists. Discovering Georgia's Jewels is like therapy in itself!

Here is why you should visit Georgia:
Wine tasting in Kakheti
Black Sea beaches
Batumi's modern architecture

Jordan, Where Past and Present Converge

Jorden is a destination that offers a unique adventure without any visa! Shocking right? Well, this small country near the UAE has endless thrills to give you. From destinations like Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea to an array of rich history and culture, there is something for everyone. Take a dip in the famous mad pool or stroll through local markets, the options are endless.

Here is why you should visit Jordan:
  • Ancient city of Petra
  • Scuba diving in the Red Sea
  • Floating in the Dead Sea

Surrender to Tropical Bliss In Thailand

Slowly making its place on the list of the best places to visit from Dubai without a visa, Thailand has a lot to offer! Whether you are a beach baby or like to dig into a flavorful cuisine, there is something for everyone. Although small, the country is filled with impressive temples, rich history, breathtaking sites, and much more. Suvarnabhumi tour is perfect for a family outing or a friend's getaway.

Here is why you should visit Thailand:
  • Grand Palace in Bangkok
  • Tropical paradise islands like Phuket
  • Full Moon Parties

Dive into the Heart of Innovation, Japan

Offering a perfect blend of ancient traditions and modern cities, this destination should definitely be on this list. We all have heard the phrase ‘Japan is living in the future’ and now it is time to experience this with your own eyes. From sky-high buildings to the natural beauty of Mount Fuji, the place has everything one might wish for! UAE residents can visit Japan for up to 30 days for tourism or work without any application or fees.

Here is why you should visit Japan:
  • Cherry blossoms in spring.
  • The bustling metropolis of Tokyo
  • Snow-capped peaks and hot springs.

Bless Your Mouth With South Korea's Cuisine

This Asian country, known for its cultural heritage, has recently become one of the most popular destinations for global tourists. The country offers everything, from natural beauty and heritage sites to sky-high buildings to marvel upon. The capital of the county, Seoul, and other cities have many temples, palaces, and fortresses for tourists to learn about their culture. Even the culinary scenes of the country are out of this world, making it the best country to visit from Dubai.

Here is why you should visit South Korea:
  • Historic palaces in Seoul.
  • Stunning landscapes of Jeju Island.
  • Korean cuisine.
Take an enchanting tour to the capital with our best South Korea-Seoul Tour Package!

Time To Catch A Flight To New Adventures!

If you are wondering why this list is the best one out there, here’s why! We have picked visa-free countries for UAE residents that promise a magical adventure. Don’t wait any longer and check out some Eid-al-Adha holiday packages for your next trip. Get in touch with us at Next Holidays!


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